Dec 312019

Using both my input and your input, here are my 12 favorite posts from 2019, from earliest to latest.

I really appreciate you, dear readers. Thank you for continuing to check in with me from time. I wish you a marvelous 2020. See you here and around!

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Dec 032019
  • Sorry to be incommunicado so long. It’s really been an odd few days.
  • Looks like we’ll finally be official cord-cutters this week. I’ll miss cable’s familiarity, but I’m definitely excited about paying less.
  • I could have written three or four blog posts on all of the layers of ridiculousness following the 2019 Iron Bowl. I’m not writing any of them, because it pisses me off, and I don’t like being electively pissed off. (And just so you know, though I was disappointed with the final score, I’d call it a merely peripheral input into said pissed-offness.) OK, that’s the last thing I’m saying about the game, vaguely passive-aggressively or otherwise.
  • Yes, Roy Moore is running again, and he’s (hilariously; pathetically) doubled down on his $95 million lawsuit against Sacha Baron Cohen.
  • Alanis Morissette is touring for the 25th anniversary of Jagged Little Pill, with Garbage and Liz Phair supporting. Lea and I saw Alanis with Alex and Melissa back in the day on a co-headline tour with Tori Amos. We were there for Tori and were kind of disappointed Tori went first. But then Alanis came out and was really, really good—professional, polished, and passionate. This ought to be a good show (and I could take or leave Liz Phair, but Garbage is great).
  • It recently emerged that General Motors will lose money on every C8 Corvette sold for less than $80,000. (In case you don’t know, the 2020 Corvette starts at $60,000.) That being the case, I would expect the base price to climb a bit more aggressively year over year than previous generations have.
  • Levenger’s Cyber Monday special of 35% off sitewide is extended at least through today. I love their stuff, but it’s dear. If you’ve had your eye on something, for yourself or as a gift, it’ll never be a better time to pounce.
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Aug 292019

Dudes and dolls, I’m keeping a few more balls in the air than usual right now, and alas, I’m going to have to let the one drop for a few days. Thank you for reading We’ll be back after these important messages. Hey, want something to read in the meantime? Guess what? There […]

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May 292019

I’ll be starting a new ongoing post series soon, featuring some of the best menu items the Huntsville area has to offer. Expect a heavy emphasis on local restaurateurs. Expect a price in the immediate neighborhood of $10. And expect the best! Nothing will make it to this series without sustained excellence. Can you guess […]

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