Aug 292019

Dudes and dolls, I’m keeping a few more balls in the air than usual right now, and alas, I’m going to have to let the one drop for a few days.

Thank you for reading We’ll be back after these important messages.

Hey, want something to read in the meantime? Guess what? There are 3,561 posts at Here are five random ones:

You can also check out all of my reviews here.

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Jul 262019

One of my favorite local events is fast approaching! Huntsville Restaurant Week is only a couple of weeks away, and again, I’m honored to have been invited to participate in the food blogger tour ahead of the event. So watch for some tantalizing previews in the next several days.

Pam and her colleagues at the Huntsville/Madison County Convention & Visitors Bureau really do a great job with Huntsville Restaurant Week. The event grows every year, and really shows off what a foodie city we’ve become. We have so many choices now! From numerous international cuisines to innovative takes on American favorites, there are so many good things to put in your belly in this town.

(And some of us do what we can to try them all. Heh.)

See you out there. Say hi if you see me!

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May 292019

I’ll be starting a new ongoing post series soon, featuring some of the best menu items the Huntsville area has to offer. Expect a heavy emphasis on local restaurateurs. Expect a price in the immediate neighborhood of $10. And expect the best! Nothing will make it to this series without sustained excellence. Can you guess […]

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Feb 072019

Dudes and dolls, I’ve checked out for a week at a time before, but never without telling you. I didn’t tell you this time because I didn’t know I’d be checked out for a week. A day at a time, I said “I’ll post tonight,” and then ran out of time. I will be back […]

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