Aug 062019

This is a picture of Joseph Stalin, made into a silly little meme.

Stalin deliberately killed at least 6 million people. Some historians believe the number is closer to 20 million people. He was a brutal, ruthless dictator and one of the most evil people who ever lived.

If you wouldn’t use Hitler in this context, then don’t use Stalin.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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May 202019

Consider that contentious questions tend be so because they are complex.

Claims that abortion is a simple issue may be born of disingenuity or of ignorance, but they are never accurate. There are good, reasonable people holding thoughtful, considered views all over the spectrum.

If you don’t believe that and you allow your discourse to reflect that lack of belief, then you are a large problem, no matter what your position on abortion.

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May 142019

Bill Nye made headlines this week dropping F-bombs about global warming. (This post is a good entry into what I’ve had to say about climate change on Here are three things that concern me more: Factory farming. I have written before of the extensive animal welfare concerns embodied in the way we raise most […]

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Apr 032019

Probably lots of people who are neither necessarily highly informed nor excessively perverse know that a fetish for women’s underwear is pretty common, as these things go. Some significant, but probably smaller, percentage of those people know that, for a lot of fetishists, dirty is better than clean. And then yet another subset probably knows […]

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