Jul 032019

Automotive industry legend and business icon Lee Iacocca died yesterday. He was 94.

My grandfather gave me Iacocca’s autobiography for my 14th birthday, and it was one of the first business books I ever read. Iacocca’s was a true American success story, and though the book and the man were both full of bravado, they also consistently embodied the love he had for the United States. As hard as he worked, he understood that he was enabled by his environment, and he was consistently grateful for it.

Iacocca is rightly remembered as the father of the Mustang, and for leading Chrysler Corporation back from the brink. And we are living in the world today with the “Global Motors” that he so presciently described in that book 35 years ago.

Of course, he occasionally whiffed. When you’re swinging for the stands every time, that’ll happen. But you don’t hit home runs by accident.

Godspeed, Lido. RIP.

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Jun 262019

We’re digging Justified, and we’ve got most of it still to go, so we’re happy.

But even if it takes an extremely unlikely turn toward the awful, it still introduced me to this fellow Dave Alvin. Wow, do I ever love this song!

Outlaw country? Is that right? I could do with some more in this vein for sure.

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Jun 072019

Most Fridays, I wear a Hawaiian shirt. You can’t be in a bad mood wearing a Hawaiian shirt (which might really support the notion of wearing them on Monday, I suppose, but that’s a potentially stickier dress code wicket). They get the weekend nod a lot too. So I guess I’m that guy. I try […]

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May 292019

I’ll be starting a new ongoing post series soon, featuring some of the best menu items the Huntsville area has to offer. Expect a heavy emphasis on local restaurateurs. Expect a price in the immediate neighborhood of $10. And expect the best! Nothing will make it to this series without sustained excellence. Can you guess […]

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