Aug 062019

This is a picture of Joseph Stalin, made into a silly little meme.

Stalin deliberately killed at least 6 million people. Some historians believe the number is closer to 20 million people. He was a brutal, ruthless dictator and one of the most evil people who ever lived.

If you wouldn’t use Hitler in this context, then don’t use Stalin.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Aug 022019

Third time I’ve done it, too. (I’m going to spare you the photos. I could easily provide them. Technology, baby.)

Folks, if you’re afraid of a colonoscopy, don’t be. This is one of the most efficacious tests we have. Mainly it’s diagnostic for colon cancer, which is usually asymptomatic until it’s about to kill you. So this ~24-hour inconvenience is a good deal.

And yes, it’s about 24 hours that it commits you. The prep is the more unpleasant part, but even that isn’t as traumatic as you’ve probably built it up in your head. The procedure itself is just an absent hour (or a little less).

If you take away nothing else, take this away:  the whole thing, soup to nuts, is really not that big a deal.

Generally, you’ll start them at 50 years of age. I’ve now had three at 48 because I had some irregularities that needed to be looked into, and well, turns out I need a gastroenterologist to have a gander a little more often than the average bear.

But yay me! I had a doctor who said “let’s look into that.” So thankful to have a well-managed situation instead of something that might have dropped me on eight weeks’ notice!

Folks, go get a colonoscopy. Probably it will come back fine. But if it doesn’t, then OMG, what if you hadn’t had it? Right? Do you have anyone counting on you?

Do you hear me, dudes and dolls?

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Jul 312019

A Limestone County family has filed suit against e-cigarette manufacturer JUUL (and 35% owner Altria, parent of Philip Morris) and a local merchant, wishing to hold them responsible for their 17-year-old son’s nicotine addiction. The WAFF story, which embeds the legal complaint, is here. I started smoking cigarettes regularly in March 1987, just short of […]

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Jul 152019

A moment ago, the bail hearing for Jeffrey Epstein resumed. Each side will have 20 minutes today, with Judge Richard Berman to issue a ruling on Thursday. Hopefully, we may soon begin plausibly imagining that this sorry bastard will never again be free. More importantly, so may his victims. Jeffrey Epstein is a demonstrably unrepentant […]

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Jul 092019

Convicted sex offender and human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was arrested Saturday on a federal sex trafficking and conspiracy indictment. He is currently in jail, waiting for the resumption of his bail hearing on Thursday. I have a few things to say about this, and I’ll just make that my first point. I will join many […]

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