Oct 272019

I’ve been going through old photos tonight for various my-older-son’s-a-senior reasons tonight, and happened upon photos of Dad getting his 2006 Corvette convertible. He got museum delivery, so Nathan, 4, and I went up with Martha and him to document the event (and to drive his other car back). The trip predates this blog by about four months.

(Click any of the below for larger.)

It’s enjoyed a pampered life since, typically pressed into grueling beach trip duty and what-not. I don’t think it’s crossed 40K miles yet.

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Oct 082019

I can remember most of the anxieties and uncertainties that I had as an adolescent and young adult, because, well, they were anxieties and uncertainties. They were unpleasant. They significantly occupied my consciousness. As I got older, naturally, they became easier to understand. I could more easily discern my role in them. I could evaluate […]

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