Jul 282017

Coca-Cola announced this week that it would remove Coke Zero from the U.S. market, replacing it with a newly-formulated product called Coke Zero Sugar. I’ll select Coke Zero head-to-head over Diet Coke at a fountain, and it’s more mixable than most diet colas. But I have no real religion about it. However, I certainly have experience in […]

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Jul 262017

I’m not leaving voicemail anymore. OK, mostly. I’d love to just walk away from it, but then I’d love to walk away from voice calls in general. My antipathy toward telephony has grown steadily stronger for years, and apart from an occasional catch-up with my geographically inconvenient sister or sorting quotidian details with a member of […]

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Jul 242017

Both of my boys are going to band camp today. In just a few weeks, they’ll both be marching at halftime. Aaron is a rookie this year. The calendar tells me I was a band rookie 33 years ago this month. I was two months older than Aaron is now when I first went to […]

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