Apr 252017

I started to type “I’ve been overweight my entire adult life,” but that’s not true. I was in phenomenal shape when I was selling cars, and for the first year I was at Intergraph. I weighed 165 pounds. I haven’t quite doubled that, thank God, but I did record a 310 yesterday. I’ve blogged so […]

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Apr 242017

Here is a much better look at what we’re getting for our trade-in of Madison Square Mall to the universe. (If I figure out whether the video can be embedded later, I will.) No doubt this looks very appealing, and it’s amazing how well they can bring it to life with current technology, isn’t it? […]

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Apr 142017

Yesterday, Thursday, April 13, 2017, at 11:40 am, at 4100 University Dr. NW in Huntsville, AL, I verified that Arby’s will indeed sell you a $10, limited-time-only sandwich called the Meat Mountain. (I’m also relieved to report that when you ask the fellow at the counter for it, there aren’t spotlights, sirens, and a big […]

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