Oct 062015

I never can tell what’s finally going to push me into another concerted weight loss effort, hoping it’s the last one.

All of the “little” practical wins are still there, waiting for me. It’s imperative that I drop a jeans size in the next couple of months. I have six or seven pairs in the next size down to fall into, and I’m down to three pairs that I can wear now (condition B- to C). I’ve also accumulated a couple hundred bucks’ worth of new shirts and sweaters that are too small, but not so small I returned them. If I’d just get sustainedly serious, I’d have a marvelous wardrobe infusion for “free.”

Living longer and better, of course. Blah blah blah. But none of that was the impetus this time. Know what was?

Lea and I sat with some folks who are somewhere between longtime acquaintances and friends at a football game several weeks ago. They’re our age, but considerably more attractive, partially because they’ve taken care of themselves and never gotten overweight. (He’s a better-looking guy than I am anyway, but…you know.) I had a Diet Coke, but he had a Coke. (See, you can eat or drink whatever you want with no ill consequences, so long as you do the right thing most of the time.) And it’s been some time since I’ve done the right thing most of the time dietetically.

I started thinking “gee, we’re going to see them for several more years. I might like to sit next to them at a football game one day and not feel fat.” That was the trigger.

My reasons are deeper than that, of course, but it’s a nice visual encapsulation to which I can easily return.

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Oct 052015

I love the Hardee’s television commercials. I’m not going to link to any of them here, but I trust you know the ones I mean. They’re defiantly and gleefully politically incorrect, abandoning even a limp pretense of doing anything but moving burgers with sex. I doubt the Katherine Webb one would have even made it to TV ten years ago.

I love the ads partially because the people who scream the loudest about them, and things like them, generally do an excellent job of pissing me off.

Political correctness pretends to be about courtesy and manners, but it’s really about telling people what to do. PC’s arbiters don’t care about actual actions nearly as much as they do squawking and shrieking when someone dares to color outside their lines.

(And demanding that said someone color inside the lines.)

I’m not a tacky guy. Well, I am, but I exercise discretion effectively. Time and a place, blah blah blah. I behave myself when I should. I think there are probably millions like me who trust their own judgments about standards of behavior, and resent those who would dictate their own as the only acceptable path.

I think such thinking goes a long way toward explaining the success of Donald Trump’s campaign to this point. His ostensible candidacy is unfolding on Bizarro World. Every brash and tasteless thing he says or does is only more evidence of his genius. He sneers at those who cluck about what “just isn’t done” and such. The electorate, who doesn’t want to have a “national conversation” or fret about who’s offended when a football player prays, is definitely plugged into that.

Burgers aren’t presidential campaigns, though. Trump is demonstrably thin on specific policy proposals, and there is nearly nothing in his long history to indicate a genuine conservative or libertarian bent. His wanton “offensiveness” has garnered him most of the attention to date. But as the field thins and discussion becomes more substantive, I suspect he’ll find less and less helium in that particular balloon.

It’s still thirteen months until we vote. I love a good burger, but you can’t eat them exclusively for over a year and expect a positive outcome.

“Peak Trump”? It’s here. It might have even been several days ago.

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Sep 292015

I think this morning I finally had my Eureka! moment on why I’ve been bumping along. I’ve been wasting time. And it’s generated formidable guilt. How have I been wasting time? Oh, just in a general kind of way. I’ve not been making consistently good decisions about what I allow to capture my time and […]

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Sep 212015

What have I been doing? I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing. I’m locked in mortal combat with my washing machine. And combat is definitely the word for it. I have two big ouchies on my hands, and about ten small ones. See, the washer leaks. But it doesn’t leak somewhere easy, like the water […]

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