Nov 102015

I’ve not looked too deeply into the precise origin of the notion that plain red cup wrappers instead of red cup wrappers with snowflakes are an attack on Christmas, but I’ve picked up enough here and there to be satisfied that it’s not as presented.

It’s viral marketing, or a joke, or something similar. The stated purpose and the real purpose don’t match. Whether or not “outraged” Christians ran with the notion, it didn’t start with an outraged Christian. It started with an attention-seeker. (And I wouldn’t be surprised to learn in the coming days that the effort was at least partially intended to make Christians look bad.)

Well, mission accomplished.

If you’re wound up about these stupid cups because you perceive them as an attack on Jesus, then to be kind, you’re being rather impertinent.

Jesus told us over and over what was important to Him. Do you realize that nearly everything He said boils down to either “Follow Me” or “Love one another”?

From where, then, does the perception spring that a coffee company is coming after your most cherished beliefs, and it is your holy duty to stand athwart them, duly outraged?

If you’re really upset about these cups, then don’t be such a tool. Use some discretion in choosing where and how to express your discontent. You look ridiculous bloviating about this silly thing that does not matter.

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Nov 032015

I own three Bill Cosby albums on cassette: The Best of Bill Cosby, Himself, and Those of You With or Without Children, You’ll Understand.

The Best of Bill Cosby has great stuff, like all of the Fat Albert material before there was a Fat Albert show. Himself is amazing, but it’s cut down from the film, and plus there are so many great faces he makes that you obviously can’t see listening to a cassette. Those of You… was good too, but it was my least favorite of what I owned.

I know about where they are. I mean, I know they’re in the house, in one of three or four places. I’m certain they’re stored fully rewound, vertically, and in a dark and climate-controlled place.

And when I see them again, I’ll just throw them away. I don’t ever want to hear them again.

Yes, I wrote Making Peace with Cliff Huxtable at Rocket City Mom, but that was more about the betrayal we all felt, and feel, and how to deal with it. It was about how to break off what gave us those wonderful feelings, and separate them from the man. The message is good, even if the messenger is flawed.

But I didn’t say “go watch The Cosby Show,” did I?

I don’t care to consume Bill Cosby anymore. Given all that now seems highly plausible—or even likely—I don’t want to think about what he might have done before he took the stage for Himself, or after he shared, several years before I was born, about Fat Albert and Old Weird Harold and Junior Barnes.

I don’t want to consider the drug-enhanced manipulation then, or the apparent lack of repentance now.

He was one of the top four or five key pop culture figures who shaped my childhood and adolescence.

But now, he’s deleted.

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Oct 262015

Vinegar is diluted acetic acid. If you just go buy “vinegar” at the grocery store, you’re buying an aqueous solution that is almost always 5% acetic acid. Ah, but here’s an intriguing product. Meet Heinz Cleaning Vinegar—in “special cleaning strength.” Vinegar is indeed a good cleaner for many things. A stronger vinegar could be useful […]

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