Feb 232015

OK, here’s what I got, mostly from Twitter:

  • Gift bags for these poor, needy stars were valued at $168,000 each
  • Neil Patrick Harris said he was gay roughly every 45 seconds
  • Apparently clothes were kind of a big deal this year
  • Joan Rivers was omitted from the memorial montage, but this was perfectly legitimate and customary because she was not a voting member of the Academy and her being left out had nothing to do with her being a pro-Israel Republican, so just back off, petty right-wing hate machine, and go back to your Faux News and machine guns and talking to your invisible sky daddy
  • Kanye West was drunk and rude, or, uh…something? Wait, wrong awards show? Am I confused?
  • Racist and hurtful jokes are not racist and hurtful when liberals tell them
  • That clip of Phil Donahue throwing up in a tuba never gets old
  • Despite widespread critical acclaim, The Interview was passed over for best picture

Did I miss anything?

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Feb 182015

Well, I’ve not had a full day at work and the boys have not had a full day at school yet this week, thanks to winter weather. I’m hoping to get one tomorrow. The boys are already delayed three hours (for temperature, which I’m quite confident never happened in my childhood). It’s supposed to be 8º or so at the time the boys normally go. Three hours after that it might be 16º. Can’t say I follow the logic.

It’s been annoying. It won’t settle down into a single event of any duration. It’s two hours gone here; three hours gone there. We’re supposed to get more weather Friday, and even then if the forecast holds, it’ll do the same thing. The morning will be fine, and then the afternoon will steadily degrade.

I did get out for a first visit to Viet Cuisine today and had a wonderful lemongrass chicken vermicelli with a few Rocket City Bloggers.


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Feb 112015

You don’t have to read BoWilliams.com very long to learn that chili con carne is one of my favorite foods. It’s rare that a whole week goes by without me having some. I recently made a pot and it occurred to me that I’d never posted my recipe. Here it is. Good stuff! To make […]

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Feb 012015

The quest for a more cost-effective alternative to Blair’s Jalapeno Death continues. I’ve mentioned I always get it at Christmastime to go with Lea’s breakfast casserole. That’s a great product, but I tend to eat a large quantity of green sauce, using it rather like a chutney. And a good price on Blair’s Jalapeno Death […]

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