Aug 152014

jeansBought any jeans lately? Even my old-man Levi’s, discounted, are topping $40 now. It makes good sense to get as much use from them as you can. Here are’s three killer tips for doubling the life of your jeans:

  • Wear them at least twice. Some nut not long ago was babbling about never washing jeans, and using the freezer to kill germs, or something. Nonsense. But, if you didn’t spill anything on them, and you didn’t sweat like a meat loaf in them, hang them up and wear them again tomorrow. Sometimes you can even go three times.
  • Zip and button/snap them when you wash them. Get in this habit. Make them look like they’re on your person before you toss them in the hamper. If you don’t, the zipper teeth chew the fabric to pieces in the washer. Plus, they’re easier to hang (and eventually fold, if that’s what you do).
  • Don’t dry them automatically. In my experience, the dryer ages jeans worse than any other single factor. Hang them up, either with pins on a clothesline or with a department store clip hanger (perhaps on a door frame). No, they won’t drip, if you washer’s spin cycle is worth a darn. They’ll be ready to go in 12 to 18 hours, depending on the relative humidity. They may feel stiff, but that will vanish completely in the first minute or two of wearing them.
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Aug 112014

reaperaaronWhen you eat super-hot foods regularly, your tolerance for the heat increases. Over time, it does so dramatically. For example, I’ve had to stop seasoning things to my satisfaction while I’m cooking, because a pot of chili that has “a little kick” to me has become inedible for Lea.

When I enjoyed CaJohn’s Mongoose hot sauce, which is conservatively estimated at 1,000,000 Scoville heat units, I began wondering if that shift was going to happen to my palate all the way up the Scoville scale to 16,000,000, which is the rating for pure capsaicin.

I’m not wondering that anymore. Never say never, I suppose, but the Carolina Reaper on Friday night felt like my ceiling, and it still feels like it after the weekend. I don’t know exactly how hot on the Scoville scale the pepper I ate was, of course. But it definitely seemed like more than 50% hotter than the Mongoose sauce. So I’m going to file it in my memory as a reasonable representation of 2,000,000 Scoville units.

There might be some wiggle room there for me to try a much smaller quantity of something slightly hotter, but for now I’m planting my flag here.

May the Carolina Reaper enjoy a long, long reign as the hottest pepper in the world. I do enjoy saying I’ve eaten the world’s hottest.

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