Oct 312019
  • During our exceptionally warm early autumn, I frequently thought of those Halloween nights when my mom would make me wear a coat over my costume. Made me so mad. “Not looking that way this year,” I’d chuckle. And here we are, and it does.
  • Nick Saban is 68 today. Happy Birthday Coach!
  • I had many happy years with HiWAAY—as an Internet provider for a few years, and then only for email for many more—but their service really fell off a cliff in the past year or so. Not sure I can tell the story entertainingly enough to make a post worth it, but it’s almost like they went out of their way to make me mad. If you’re considering any of their offerings, I’d recommend finding someone else.
  • There are more leaked nude photos of a prominent person out there as of this week. Haven’t looked for them. Not going to. I have somewhat limited interest in perusing nude photos anyway, but if the subject hasn’t authorized their release, I have no desire whatsoever to see them. I feel bad for Erin Andrews every time I see her (and no, I haven’t seen those either).
  • The newly-christened Arrow McLaren SP has jettisoned James Hinchcliffe far later than it had to, putting him into a scramble to find a seat for 2020. Hinch is an easy guy to like, and I hope he finds a path.
  • Started sniffing around looking for a new phone, which means I’ll probably pull the trigger in the next two or three months. Thinking about doing what I did this time, which was get the international, unlocked version of a nice Chinese phone. Significant benefit: less than half the cost of something comparable from Samsung or Google. Significant drawback: no warranty.
  • Judging an annual chili competition again tomorrow! I had such a good time last year, and I get to visit with a nifty friend. Looking forward to it.
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Oct 302019

Folks, let’s go over something real quick, OK? This…

Person 1: “We should support government-funded Good Thing!”

Person 2: “I might be on board with Good Thing, but is the government really the best agent to supply it?”


…is ridiculous.

And all too common.

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Oct 272019

I’ve been going through old photos tonight for various my-older-son’s-a-senior reasons tonight, and happened upon photos of Dad getting his 2006 Corvette convertible. He got museum delivery, so Nathan, 4, and I went up with Martha and him to document the event (and to drive his other car back). The trip predates this blog by about four months.

(Click any of the below for larger.)

It’s enjoyed a pampered life since, typically pressed into grueling beach trip duty and what-not. I don’t think it’s crossed 40K miles yet.

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Oct 242019
  • I had to go buy some pants this week to replace the ones I donated several months ago because I resolved to never again be in pants that size. Putting my productive routine back together. Please don’t preach at me. If you want to keep me in your prayers, I’ll take that. Thanks.
  • Terminator: Dark Fate, which directly follows The Terminator and Terminator 2 and relegates all other Terminator films to “alternate timelines,” is gathering charges of being derivative. Well, duh. I’m not sure how it couldn’t be. I still want to see it. James Cameron is co-producing. Probably just Dad and me at the Monaco. Not even the boys care.
  • (Just FTR: I thought Terminator 3 was good, and Terminator Salvation was very good. I thought Genisys was terrible.)
  • This week I encountered the abomination mentee. Do you know what a mentee is? It’s a person that a mentor guides and counsels. We already have a lovely word for this person, and as a BoWilliams.com reader who obviously cares what I think, you damned well better use that one instead. Mentee is disgusting, soulless, and wrong.
  • Look for Dad, the boys, and me in the Southwest Vista at the 2020 Indianapolis 500. Are we pumped? Yes we are. Want to join us? Watch for general on-sale next Friday.
  • Hyman’s Hot Sauce is my new go-to Louisiana sauce, even though it’s from South Carolina. Good stuff. Pick some up. Thanks to my sister Jenny for giving me a bottle as a present and putting it on my radar.
  • When Mac Jones starts for Alabama on Saturday against Arkansas, it will be the first time in Nick Saban’s (2007- ) tenure that his first-string quarterback won’t start because of injury. That’s pretty incredible.
  • As I type, lows in the 30s are forecast for three of the next fourteen days. Highs in the 70s are forecast for only four of them. It seemed like it took forever, but it’s finally here. Enjoy. I am.
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Oct 242019

For now, it would appear that protests against the first Chick-fil-A restaurant in the United Kingdom have succeeded. Though the Reading restaurant was able to open, the mall in which it is housed has decided not to renew its six-month lease. Refusing to renew the lease is “the right thing to do,” a mall spokesperson said.

Congratulations, mob. You have ruled.

Now, I know you will want to do your due diligence on these critically important matters, and a quick Google reveals a number of restaurants offering Levantine and other Middle Eastern cuisines in the immediate area of this Chick-fil-A. I’m certain that after you survey the LGBTQ positions and beliefs of these restaurateurs, you will find candidate businesses to subject to this same treatment.

Because justice.

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