Oct 312019
  • During our exceptionally warm early autumn, I frequently thought of those Halloween nights when my mom would make me wear a coat over my costume. Made me so mad. “Not looking that way this year,” I’d chuckle. And here we are, and it does.
  • Nick Saban is 68 today. Happy Birthday Coach!
  • I had many happy years with HiWAAY—as an Internet provider for a few years, and then only for email for many more—but their service really fell off a cliff in the past year or so. Not sure I can tell the story entertainingly enough to make a post worth it, but it’s almost like they went out of their way to make me mad. If you’re considering any of their offerings, I’d recommend finding someone else.
  • There are more leaked nude photos of a prominent person out there as of this week. Haven’t looked for them. Not going to. I have somewhat limited interest in perusing nude photos anyway, but if the subject hasn’t authorized their release, I have no desire whatsoever to see them. I feel bad for Erin Andrews every time I see her (and no, I haven’t seen those either).
  • The newly-christened Arrow McLaren SP has jettisoned James Hinchcliffe far later than it had to, putting him into a scramble to find a seat for 2020. Hinch is an easy guy to like, and I hope he finds a path.
  • Started sniffing around looking for a new phone, which means I’ll probably pull the trigger in the next two or three months. Thinking about doing what I did this time, which was get the international, unlocked version of a nice Chinese phone. Significant benefit: less than half the cost of something comparable from Samsung or Google. Significant drawback: no warranty.
  • Judging an annual chili competition again tomorrow! I had such a good time last year, and I get to visit with a nifty friend. Looking forward to it.

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