Sep 112019

Dear God,

Even though the events of 9-11 took place long ago, most of us can still recall them like it was yesterday. Some, more than others, are still feeling the effects, and the pain.

On this day, we remember all those who lost their lives and their loved ones to this terrible tragedy.

We lift up their families and their friends, and ask for strength, peace, and comfort.

We also remember and honor those heroes who stepped in to help, to save, to serve.

And we will never forget those who gave their lives for the noble cause of rescuing others. We are forever grateful, and pray blessing and comfort over their families.

We pray for the spirit of unity to revisit our nation – the unity we felt in the midst of our struggles and our confusion.

We pray that our citizens would look to God for wisdom and guidance, just as many did during that time of uncertainty.

But most of all, we pray for the swift return of our Savior, who will one day put an end to all tragedies, and to all tears.

We love You. And we pray all these things in the powerful name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.


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Sep 092019

We all went out to eat last night, and one of the boys said that on the way. It reminded me immediately of this conversation I’ve shared before:

Nathan: “Dad, what’s it like to have a stepmother?”
Bo: “Son, don’t worry about it, because you’ll never have one.”

Our children are old enough now to have a less varnished look at the lives of those with divorced parents, and this was a spontaneous utterance (with us) based on such. It introduces difficult problems for which there are no good solutions, and for which there are no analogs outside broken homes.

Certainly, with everyone making considerable effort, many children adapt and have good lives. But they are never the same.

To be sure, divorce is indicated sometimes. Nevertheless, it remains an exceptionally grave step deserving exhaustive prevention efforts.

(Frankly, I was glad to have the little bit of juice. I beat myself up too easily for my shortcomings as a parent. At least we have this big thing right.)

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Aug 262019

I will be presenting on human trafficking awareness at the Eleanor E. Murphy branch of the Huntsville/Madison County Public Library at 7910 Charlotte Drive on Thursday, September 5, at 6 pm, with question-and-answer period to follow. Learn what human trafficking is, how to spot it in our area, what to do when you do, and […]

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