Aug 192019

I find few things as gustatorily magical as fresh guacamole. This is the make-it-at-your-table guacamole at Cantina Laredo.

Cantina Laredo’s Top Shelf Guacamole, with charred jalapeno, red onion, and fresh lime, among other things. Marvelous! (Click for larger.)

I think it is the best in town, which triggers a little hey-man-that’s-a-chain guilt in me (though in my defense, it’s a small chain). I think Las Trojas is close. Haven’t been to Chuy’s yet, though I understand their guac game is strong too.

Where is your favorite guacamole in northern Alabama?

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Aug 152019
  • I started teaching my younger son to drive last night. Prayers appreciated.
  • Just not even sure what to say about the death of Jeffrey Epstein, other than it’s extremely disappointing. I suppose I’m hoping for new indictments based on the current evidence soon.
  • Most of the time, I say Apocalypse Now is the greatest war film ever made. It originally debuted 40 years ago today, and there is a Final Cut in theatrical release. Yes, please. However, as I type, there are no show times in Alabama or Tennessee. Come on, folks.
  • The 2020 Corvette officially starts at $59,995. Given its capabilities and pricing of its peers, this is really something. There are packages and options to make it much more expensive, of course, but note that the bottom 1LT trim still delivers the targa roof, dual zone climate control, a Bose stereo, and an eight-inch touchscreen.
  • Remember Ed the “disappearer” on Breaking Bad? That actor’s name is Robert Forster, and he’s a member of the Triple Nine Society, meaning his IQ is at or above the 99.9th percentile. Pretty cool, huh?
  • I didn’t get a cavity until I was 28 years old. I got a second maybe five years later. Number three is in my top right wisdom tooth, and the dentist who is going to fill it is literally young enough to be my daughter. This causes me no concern whatsoever—I am confident that I will receive capable and professional care—but wow, it’s still sobering.
  • IndyCar is at Pocono this weekend, which is always a great show. Looking forward to it. It’s probably the best remaining chance for Tony Kanaan to get a decent result in a frustrating year. Pulling for you, man!
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Aug 142019

One of my favorite things about Huntsville Restaurant Week is participant diversity. Whatever you like, you’ll find something to please you.

Longtime readers know that I would be just fine eating Thai, Vietnamese, or Japanese every day for the rest of my life. So I was delighted to find Phuket on the list of participants this year. This is a favorite place for me to go and relax at lunch, and the green curry I had yesterday was spot-on.

Green curry at Phuket. (Click for larger.)

This comes with a spring roll appetizer and a cup of the soup of the day for $10. Other entree options include Pad Thai and Phuket orange peel chicken.

Today I met Saintseester at Fresko Grille, at the Stovehouse development. It’s a Levantine joint, and frankly, that’s a highly rated cuisine for me too. The special includes a tabouli salad, shawarma delight (I got beef, but chicken is also available), and pita.

Excellent eats from the cradle of civilization. (Click for larger.)

This is a truly phenomenal town in which to eat. Check out Huntsville Restaurant Week for participants and specials running through this weekend!

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Aug 102019

It’s here! Huntsville Restaurant Week 2019 started yesterday, and runs through next weekend. You can get all of the information on the participants and their specials here.

There are several of my favorites participating this year. I’ll give them some love ahead of some new-to-me exploration I’ll do in the next post.

Cyn Shea’s is an outstanding downtown deli with excellent sandwiches and a delicious jalapeno slaw to which I’m partial.

Earth and Stone Wood-Fired Pizza is the strongest pizza game in town. The crust and premium ingredients move the goalposts.

House of Kabob is a halal Persian restaurant on Sparkman, and I have it on good authority from an actual Persian that it is authentic. Everything is so wonderfully fresh-tasting!

New Market BBQ was far and away our favorite part of the boys having soccer games up that way. The brisket is delectable, and the potato salad might be the best I’ve ever had. (Friday through Sunday only, so plan ahead!)

Toybox Bistro lays down some serious wings and burgers, as well as a large and authentic Chicago-style hot dog. You’ll want to budget time to enjoy the toy collection throughout the restaurant too.

I’ll share my #DineHsv adventures this week as I have them. I’ll see you out there!

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Aug 082019
  • Requesting prayers for friends fighting battles—some exciting and of their own choosing, others sadly inflicted.
  • Huntsville Restaurant Week begins tomorrow! I’ll have some highlights and suggestions for you. Watch this space.
  • Lea and I liked Sherlock, but I found the season 4 finale—currently the series finale—tedious, silly, and definitely subpar compared to previous episodes. I have three episodes to go on Another Life.
  • The boys and I enjoyed going to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood together on the last day before school started back, but if Pulp Fiction is a home run and Kill Bill is a stand-up triple, we’ll call Hollywood a base hit. There is definitely solid craft here, but insufficient editing discipline. Quentin Tarantino has made several long movies in his career, but they’ve always justified their lengths. Mostly, Hollywood does not. It’s at least 45 minutes too long.
  • The tire purchase has earned an initial successful rating. The product is fine and the installation by Pep Boys in Athens went off without a hitch.
  • College football begins in three weeks. It has sneaked up on me more significantly than it has in years—doubtless an effect of a more subdued fanhood.
  • Did you know cinnamon is tree bark? Now you do.
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