Aug 222019
  • College football is beginning a little differently this year. There are two games Saturday night to kick the season off (including Miami vs. Florida, which ought to be pretty good). Then, things begin the Thursday before Labor Day, as we’ve had it for some time now. I’ll watch Saturday night (well, around IndyCar at Gateway), but I think I prefer the Labor Day weekend start.
  • (And it won’t be football weather, but at least it’ll be 70-something. I’m thinking chili anyway.)
  • Lea and I are watching The Blacklist now and enjoying it more than not, but we get frustrated with the female lead’s intermittent and apparently random incompetence. Solo, I stuck with most of Zoo‘s first season, but may abandon it. There is too much good stuff out there to keep yourself talked into something.
  • Apparently the Popeye’s chicken sandwich has received a lot of social media love and emerged as an ostensible challenger to the Chick-fil-A sandwich. I have no doubt it’s tasty, but we’re talking chicken sandwich vs. cultural juggernaut here. The Chick-fil-A experience will have to decline significantly for its top-of-the-heap position to be threatened. Don’t see that happening.
  • Journeyman comic Kip Addotta has died at 75. I remember him most as the tag-along guy Bob Odenkirk’s Stevie Grant had to book to get Jerry Seinfeld at Larry Sanders‘ roast, and then Seinfeld bailing. RIP.
  • The XFL team names and logos have been announced, which Saintseester put on my radar. Not so sure about that Tampa Bay Vipers logo, which Saintseester also put on my radar.
  • Nathan got in trouble last night, heard from me about it, and is enduring a brief privilege restriction. Ruined my whole damned night. He didn’t believe me when I told him that punishing him was hard on me. I didn’t believe my parents either.

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