May 312016

Oh, I loved you so, Windows Phone. I was certain we’d be happy together forever.

To be fair, there were minor issues from the start, but we either minimized or worked through them together, as young couples should. However, when we began to have serious problems, I consistently felt more committed to the relationship than you did. You know, sometimes I’m going to pull more than my half, and sometimes you’re going to pull more than your half. But if I’m pulling 65-70% all the time, that’s not sustainable.

It’s over. I’m sorry.

Ex-wife on left; current girlfriend on right

Ex-wife on left; current girlfriend on right

The final straw was Christy getting me excited about trying to give Instagram another go, only to discover that there isn’t a single decent Instagram client on Windows Phone. If all of the features worked in any one of them, I could have made do. Alas, no. The best one I tried wouldn’t reliably repost to Twitter.

Couple that with the fact that my phone hasn’t been able to properly handle my local 60GB music library in over a year, and I’m done.

The Instagram client on my Fire phone works fine, and I’m excited about having Amazon Prime music back again. I don’t see the Fire and me together long-term, but I’ll pal around with her for right now.

No problem with that, as long as I’m being honest with her.

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May 282016

This is part of an ongoing series reviewing hot wings in the Huntsville area. Visit #HsvHotWings for a comprehensive linked list.

huntclub1I met Paul at Hunt Club late last week for lunch and fellowship. Hunt Club Subs n Grill is on the southern end of a shopping center near Palmer on County Line Road in Madison. The location has been a bit of a Bermuda Triangle of restaurants. Several have come and gone. Hunt Club has hung in, and I suspect will make it.

Paul and I chatted with our personable server Melanie about the offerings. There is a lot of wild game on the menu here (want an elkburger? this is your place), as well as wings recommended enthusiastically to me by no less than four people. They have mild, hot, and extra hot heat levels. The hottest are extra hot with redneck seasoning, so that’s what I ordered. I got ten wings for $9.80 before tip. The menu mentions celery. I received none, though I’m certain such would have arrived promptly had I inquired. I didn’t bother. Melanie was cheerful and responsive throughout our lunch.


Quality: 10/10. Bravo!

My five drums and five flats were among the finest wings I’ve ever been served in my life. They were wonderfully robust without excessive fat. They were cooked perfectly, with impossibly crispy skin and juicy meat. They arrived at hammer-down temperature, and I happily obliged. These were as good as it gets, folks.

Flavor: 8/10. These have a classic buffalo flavor, with a black peppery bass line. They are blessedly without the excessive saltiness that plagues hot wings all too often. There is nothing to call truly extraordinary here, but there is no insult whatsoever. These are at the top of a conventional buffalo wing experience. Enthusiastically gobbled.

Heat: 5/10. Two more clicks, and I’d call this entire experience insurmountable. Instead, we’ll stop at formidable. Heat here is not trivial, but no problem for a chilehead, and eminently manageable for a civilian. I think we have here cayenne with (as mentioned above) a black pepper undercurrent.

Hunt Club’s Extra Hot Redneck wings are some of the very best in the Huntsville area, and they deserve your serious consideration. (Certainly drive the small additional distance here if you’re normally a Cricket’s person.)

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May 262016

outbackintroI was delighted to be invited to the Australian VIP Dinner at Outback Steakhouse Wednesday night. It was an event for local food bloggers and other opinion leaders, sampling some new items on the Outback menu.

Lea and I have long considered Outback a cut above other (ostensibly) similar national chains. As we have grown older and Huntsville has grown with us (and therefore been able to support more options), our attendance at chain restaurants has dwindled—except for Outback. They’ve stayed on our list because they’ve continued to pursue excellence, and we were pleased to enjoy their hospitality last night as they offered us new items to try. Thanks also to Tiffany Jordan with the Chamber of Commerce for thinking of for this evening.

outbacksteakOutback’s stars are its steaks, and they took center stage for the evening. We sampled the new center-cut sirloin, which was fork-tender, as well as slow-roasted selections in Outback’s bistro and béarnaise sauces. The former was assertive with onion, garlic, and black pepper; the latter delivered a prime rib vibe, with an almost buttery undertone. All of them were delicious.

Outback is also offering a sampler plate of some of its more popular appetizers, including the iconic Bloomin’ Onion. You like the Bloomin’ Onion? Lea and I sure do. But what’s the biggest problem with it? That’s right: it’s too much if it’s just the two of you. It’s delectable, but you eat too much of it and ruin your dinner appetite. Well, Outback has decided to offer a smattering of Bloomin’ Onion straws and loaded fries, in portions that’ll scratch your itch but not leave you wondering where you’re going to put your steak.

The boys, Lea, and I can take care of a Bloomin’ Onion without a problem, but the next time it’s just the two of us, we’ll definitely get that sampler platter. It was a perfect portion.

Outback has several new drinks, including assorted sangrias and my favorite of the evening, the Aussie Fresh Fruit Cooler. That one includes Hendrick’s gin, Pimm’s liqueur, peaches, cucumber, and mint. Fruity drinks aren’t my favorite, but I enjoyed that one. It bit me enough to be interesting.

To conclude, we sampled Outback’s mini dessert parfaits. The double chocolate includes creamy chocolate mousse layered with Oreo crumbles, and then topped with warm chocolate sauce. The fresh strawberry shortcake includes strawberries and vanilla cake, layered with cheesecake mousse, whipped cream, and toasted almonds. These were premium desserts that made strong impressions.


We enjoyed the company of and exchange of ideas with Sarah from The Jealous Crumpet, and Christy from Southern Plate.


Thanks again to Outback, Tiffany, and the Huntsville blog-reading and writing community for a fun evening!

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May 252016

waywardWell, maybe you can. I can’t.

I got excited about Wayward Pines last year. The premise (what we knew of it at the outset) was intriguing. The cast was excellent. M. Night Shyamalan was a key player. And it really, really appealed to me that it was 10 episodes up, 10 episodes down, and done. I waived my usual no-first-run-TV rule because of that. Set the DVR, start it 22 minutes late so I can zap commercials, and go.

See, though, the 10-episode characteristic was important in a number of ways. For one thing, there was no time to waste. The writing and the direction were taut indeed. When you have seven actual hours to tell a story, the television comes out lean as turkey bacon.

For another, I know where I am for big things. When the big reveal comes in episode five, I know there’s probably not another one. When there are loose ends in episode eight, I know I’m not far from resolution.

There was too much that appealed to me about the original run that inherently cannot be reproduced in a second season.

I watched the first episode of the second season tonight. It was skillfully written, directed, and produced. It was a good 42 to 44 minutes of high-quality thriller television.

But I understand all of the major trappings of the community of Wayward Pines now. I know what I’m looking at.

I hate it, but I think that’s fatal to my interest in the show. What I saw tonight could have been any show with good guys and bad guys. The backdrop, the details—they’re all there, but I know them now. There isn’t enough novelty or mystery in front of or around them to keep me.

I can’t stay. I’m sorry. Thanks for a great first season.

But I think we should see other people.

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