Jul 232019

This is part of an ongoing series reviewing hot wings in the Huntsville area. Visit #HsvHotWings for a comprehensive linked list.

Champy’s Chicken is a small chain whose newest location is in southern Madison, near Shelton & Madison Boulevard in a location that used to be Bison’s and Buffaloes. It is a full-service restaurant, and the tin-walled road house motif from this location’s previous instantiations survives.

The Champy’s wings are available fried or smoked, with sweet heat (medium), sweet heat (hot), and buffalo as the sauce choices. I went with fried wings in sweet heat (hot) sauce, after being told it was hotter than buffalo. My eight-piece order, with ranch and two pieces of celery, was $9.89. Mikayla was an excellent server.

Champy’s sweet heat (hot) fried wings. (Click for a closer look.)

Quality: 3/10. Upon arriving at the table my four flats and four drums had decent curb appeal, but were quickly torpedoed by excessive fattiness. Also, they were rubbery and difficult to get off the bone, strongly suggesting they were overcooked. (No charring evident, so I think “too long” as opposed to “too hot.” They probably needed to be cooked hotter and shorter.)

Flavor: 3/10. The sauce was sweet, but very thin, and there wasn’t much of it. Sadly, these were some of the blandest hot wings I’ve ever had. I can’t recall ever salting and peppering hot wings in a restaurant before. I did these.

Heat: 2/10. Nearly nothing going on here. A slight whisper of heat persisted for a few minutes, but that was it (and I’m not sure how much of that came from the black pepper I added, actually). Regular Tabasco sauce has hit me harder.

This was one of the more unfortunate #hsvhotwings adventures I’ve had. Based on my experience, you can get better wings just about anywhere. Perhaps I’ll pay Champy’s a validation visit sometime.

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Jul 012019

This is part of an ongoing series reviewing hot wings in the Huntsville area. Visit #HsvHotWings for a comprehensive linked list.

Shababy’s Rib Shack has come up a few times in conversation with friends lately, so I put them on the shortlist for a wings review. They’re in a shopping center just west of Jeff Rd. on 53 in Harvest, right where the road goes back to two lanes.

The Shababy’s wings are available fried or smoked, with a few different sauce choices. I was told there is no sauce that is intended to be particularly hot, so that the buffalo was probably the way to go for spiciest. I checked that box, and also went with fried. Ten wings with fries and a slice of Texas toast is $10.50 plus tax. With my tea my total bill was $12.97.

Fried buffalo wings at Shababy’s. (Click for a closer look.)

Quality: 6/10. My seven flats and three drums were freshly and skillfully prepared, and served at ideal temperature. Alas, they were unquestionably on the small side. This is mitigated somewhat by agreeable pricing.

Flavor: 7/10. Right down the middle of your reference taste for “buffalo wing,” with butter and vinegary heat prominent. No issues with munchability.

Heat: 3/10. With no particular effort to be hot, a modest heat rating is expected. All of the heat present is from Louisiana hot sauce, best I can tell. If Crystal or Texas Pete torches you then these will too, but chileheads probably won’t even need a drink.

My experience with Shababy’s wings was not bad, but frankly, them’s mean streets out there. There are several folks running a stronger wing game than this one. Still, if the crowd is headed here and you want wings, they’re a reasonable play.

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Jun 032019

This is part of an ongoing series reviewing hot wings in the Huntsville area. Visit #HsvHotWings for a comprehensive linked list. Twin Peaks is a mountain lodge-themed sports bar/”breastaurant.” The Dallas-based chain has several dozen locations around the United States. We just got our first one in Huntsville, on the northeastern corner of the old […]

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