Nov 082018
  • I am thankful the election is over. I am hoping for a truly forward-looking 2020 presidential campaign. (I’m saying this clears my no-politics Thursday miscellanea filter because it is in no way ideological. If it offends you, let me have it.)
  • Best I can tell, the Publix at Martin & Zierdt is laid out identically to the one at Providence (and the County Line one has been retrofitted as closely as possible, having a different location for only cheese, that I can recall). I would bet the new store on Hughes is the same. This is good business. In my regular stomping grounds, only 72 and Madison Boulevard remain outliers.
  • Are mainstreamish softcore magazines still a thing? Your Hustlers, your High Societys? I would guess the Internet has been pretty tough on those. Just before the rise of the web, the bookstore where I worked in college carried a dozen or so different ones. There were exactly two customer profiles for a stack of these. One sort acted like a house mouse on coke, scurrying quickly and never making eye contact. The other wanted to have a nice leisurely conversation with you. I didn’t care for either extreme.
  • Saw a post about a Dream Theater show in Nashville this April. I wish I wanted to go more than I do.
  • Folks, very simply, it’s the most terrifying Alabama team I can remember. Not only could they go 15-0, they could plausibly do so without ever playing a fourth quarter with the outcome in doubt.
  • If you really, truly didn’t care what I think, you wouldn’t bother to say “I don’t care what you think.”
  • If you’re local to me and you’ve successfully avoided firing the central heat up to this point as we have, we’re both going to surrender this weekend. (And frankly, I can’t wait. I’ve been fantasizing about Saturday soup all week.)
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Mar 172018

I joined Pat and Tosha, two fellow human trafficking warriors, this week to speak for the North Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force. Tosha and I were presenting for the first time “live” to a real audience. It went well.

The University of Georgia’s IMPACT group invited us to present. Other than that, we weren’t sure what to expect. Turns out they were on a weeklong retreat, “camping” in a Baptist church in Birmingham in sleeping bags. Basically, for spring break, these Georgia students chose and scheduled guests all week to raise their social consciousness. Wow.

They were wonderful hosts, and based on their questions and comments, I think we really connected with them. A part of me was transported back to that magical time of my own life, during which I never worked harder but also really relished the intellectual stimulation. It was so fulfilling to tell the story and feel like it was genuinely “seating.”

Thank you for having us, ladies and gentlemen. Good luck in your studies.

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Mar 122018

So Conni got with the Honest Coffee Roasters people and put together an invite-only event for local influencers. I was pleased to be included. I enjoyed the laughter, fellowship, and breakfast with Lynda, Jennifer, Diana, Brady, Randy, and Anna.Honest is on Clinton, in the row of shops carved out from the parking garage. (This location […]

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