Jan 312014

I’ve enjoyed these occasional posts, consisting of search terms that led someone here. Alas, Google’s new policy of encrypting its search results means they’re probably an endangered species. I shook this decent one out. Is it the last? We’ll see.

Here are some recent search terms (put into Google, Yahoo!, and so forth) that led someone to this blog:

betty white bob barker feud
I am proud to say that I am a fairly consistent top rank in Google search results with this and highly similar queries.

britney spears without underpants
Dude. It’s 2014.

I’m vaguely terrified at the notion of even trying to explore what that means.

pics guys wearing ladies undies
Yeah, BoWilliams.com has at least one of those I can remember.

bo williams bugatti
Across from the airport. Come see us. Free doughnuts in the service department. Balloons for the kids.

hanna montana crouch shot
A squatting fetish! It takes all kinds, folks.

will best buy survive 2014
Wonderful question. I’d say that’s hardly assured.

pictures of renee estevez
The only truly datable girl in Heathers. Loved me some Betty Finn.

dickens village brothel
One of the best ideas I ever had—undesirable buildings for Christmas villages.

i am still pissed off about 2013 iron bowl
Don’t be. It’s not like we blundered it away. Auburn lined up and whipped our ass. Know what, though? We do it again in just about ten months.

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Jan 302014
  • Dr. Zenko Hrynkiw walked six miles through the snow and near-zero wind chill to perform life-saving brain surgery on Tuesday. Thank you and God bless you, sir. Bravo.
  • I’ve been very back-and-forth on my next post series. I’ve now decided it’s going to be a detailed look at steps for animal welfare that everyone can take, regardless of political leaning. The issues surrounding how we treat animals tend to be associated with the political left, and they really shouldn’t be. A lot of them are about being human, not liberal.
  • Marlon Humphrey, baby. Roll Tide. ‘Course, now we’ll have shots of his dad in the stands, and again be told every single week that he used to sell Cokes in the upper deck at Legion Field.
  • Ah, good old Legion Field. I’ve certainly made some great memories there. It’s getting harder to imagine a happy ending for the Old Grey Lady.
  • An unmarked white Dodge Charger, containing who I assume to be an Alabama state trooper, is prowling I-565 these days. The unmarked previous-generation Ford Police Interceptors remain pretty easy to spot. Most of them have black grills, to which I’ve become attuned literally a mile away. Even the ones that don’t tend to be equipped with wheel covers I’ve never seen on civilian Crown Vics. But the unmarked Chargers are stealthy indeed. If there is a reliable tell on them, I haven’t found it yet.
  • Our Upward season is already half over. I have such a blast coaching, and the boys love to play. What a great league!
  • I’m seeing those Rocket City Bloggers again tonight, and we’ll probably start talking about our next fabulous event. Stay tuned, dudes and dolls!
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Jan 282014

I gave some thought to live-blogging tonight’s State of the Union address on Twitter, but decided to pass. I could write it, frankly. Our esteemed president is relentlessly predictable. I expect zero surprises.

What would surprise me, though? Hmmm…

  • “By any reasonable measure, the Affordable Care Act is a failure. I look forward to working with Congress this year to make it work better for everyone.”
  • “We must reengage our allies worldwide, but particularly in the Middle East and northern Africa, where recent American policies have not produced consistently positive results.”
  • “This government will not behave as if an Orwellian surveillance state is necessary for the American people to be protected from terrorism. We will seek comprehensive reform of the National Security Agency and its practices this year.”
  • “It is prudent for any sovereign country to secure its borders. No immigration reform, no matter how well-intentioned, can succeed without that realization.”
  • “Revenue collection should be a sober and serious government task, executed without passion and utterly devoid of political pollution. The Obama administration’s IRS shall function in just that manner.”
  • “The Keystone pipeline is a potential economic juggernaut, and its construction embodies the reality that while it is important for us to continue vigorous pursuit of clean energy, we must also work with petroleum today as cleanly and efficiently as possible.”
  • “One’s success neither necessitates nor catalyzes another’s poverty.”
  • “This is my fault.”
  • “I apologize.”
  • “I love the United States of America.”
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Jan 272014

carsonsbowMy third restaurant review at Rocket City Mom went up today! It’s a detailed look at Carson’s Grill of Madison. Go check it out. I plan to do these reviews fairly regularly for RCM in 2014. I think it’s reasonable to expect six or eight more this year, at least.

Reviewing restaurants for Rocket City Mom is a little different from doing it on BoWilliams.com. For one thing, I’m reviewing with other family considerations besides my own, because Rocket City Mom is for moms (and dads) of children of all ages. (I haven’t cared whether there are highchairs in several years, but lots of folks do!) For another, Rocket City Mom does not publish negative reviews. If I have a subpar experience, I just won’t write about it there.

I’m after no compromises when I’m looking for a place for our family to eat out. It’s easy to provide either the kids or the adults a high-quality experience. Where is a good place that does both? That’s my angle at Rocket City Mom. Stay tuned for further.

Click here (and then bookmark it when you get there!) for all of Rocket City Mom’s restaurant reviews.

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Jan 252014

Some people I believe to be highly intelligent become remarkably selective with their listening comprehension ability when such selectivity meshes with their political preconceptions.

To hear some people tell it, this is Mike Huckabee saying awful things about women. Watch the clip and listen to what he says.

Huckabee is very clearly accusing the Democrats of being horribly overbearing when it comes to how they think the government should treat women. It’s not reasonable to watch that clip and come to any other conclusion.

Even if you really do believe the GOP is waging a “war on women,” do you really think Mike Huckabee would be so stupid?

Remember Julia? The Julia campaign was insulting to women because of all it implied they couldn’t do without government providing for them. Many women of my personal acquaintance saw this immediately. Huckabee is attacking the very same thing here—the notion that a campaign like Julia depicts an archetypal relationship between a woman and her government.

You want to have a vigorous exchange of ideas about that? Fantastic. Let’s go for it.

But let’s stop absurdly claiming Mike Huckabee said women can’t control their libidos. The only ambiguity in this clip is firmly rooted in politically selective perception.

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