Nov 152016

Well, first of all, I keep waiting for the crazy to abate a little, but I’m not sure it’s going to anytime soon.

Donald Trump won the presidential election a week ago. Mostly, what I think about what’s happened since then is that nearly everyone, but mostly people who oppose his victory, is in a mad rush to write the next narrative to which to cling.

Today, it is that the nefarious “alt-right,” full of white supremacists, race-sex fetishists, and probably people who put ketchup on their scrambled eggs, will run the United States government. (These grave concerns, of course, are uttered breathlessly by the same people who brushed off warnings about the endless stream of high-ranking officials affiliated with questionable Muslim organizations that have had the run of the West Wing for the past eight years.)

Today, it is also that Donald Trump is so out of touch, he didn’t even know that there wasn’t a permanent White House staff, and our esteemed president is going to need to take some extra time holding his hand to make sure he understands everything. (These grave concerns, of course, are uttered breathlessly by the same people who were fine with Barack Obama’s onion skin-thin resume.)

Need we get into proper reactions to a peaceable election in a free country if we don’t like the outcome? Why, they’re arson and assault, of course!

I said a couple of weeks ago that I hadn’t been so at ease headed into a presidential election since I was nine years old. I was resigned to an unsatisfactory result, so what was the point of getting worked up? Perhaps that’s contributing to my tranquility now. I’m content to wait and see what happens, including, as I said, starting Mr. Trump at zero.

A humongous rush to get these historic events in a box only aggravates confirmation bias. Don’t automatically latch onto the first thing that sounds correct to you.

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