Jul 202016

I understand there is a norovirus outbreak. Write your own joke.

Melania Trump has been accused of plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention speech. And yes, whether the fault is her own, that of a speechwriter, or someone else, I believe she did. However, I consider the real tragedy here not that she did it, but that what she lifted was so banal. Why bother? Is it really so hard to babble some rot about children and dreams?

If your headline celebrity speaker is Chachi/Charles in Charge, maybe you’d better retool the evening. Even Mitt Romney managed Clint Eastwood—an unambiguous big star.

Every time I see Melania Trump’s photo flash by—on a news site, in my Facebook feed, or whatever—I think it’s Caitlin Jenner.

My level of attention really is at an all-time low, so perhaps the value of my assessment is rather more limited. But it seems to me that Democrats and other Hillary boosters are exercising no restraint whatsoever, spiking whatever balls they perceive are there to spike and just generally pointing and laughing. It would behoove them to remember that this election is historic because both candidates are disasters.

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  2 Responses to “Convention takeaways from a guy who’s not watching the convention”

  1. The most important part of her speech wasn’t the plagarism (I don’t care… though I do think it’s funny that it was from a Michelle Obama speech, and Michelle’s head speech writer at the time was Hillary’s head speech writer from 2008. Just a small lol there), the important part was that she (or the guy/gal who wrote the speech) rick rolled everyone watching the speech in an ohh so subtle manner.

    • OK, so why the hell did the Trump campaign handle it the way it did? Why didn’t they come out and say “a staffer made a mistake, she offered her resignation, it was refused, and that’s the end of the matter”?

      How could anyone with two brain cells to rub together conclude that an out-and-out denial was preferable to the truth here?

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