Feb 292016

Dear people who write open letters to Donald Trump supporters,

I get it. I don’t like him either.

But I don’t think for a moment that your melodramatic screed is infused with the genuine concern you’d like me to believe it is.

Instead, I read it as passive-aggressive delight in the state of things.

The Republicans have—had—the most capable and distinguished field of candidates in a generation, and a boorish jackass is sucking up all of the oxygen in the room.

And I think too many of you like that.

I also think there is considerable sanctimony in those of you who would excoriate Donald Trump, yet hold up Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton as a paragon of civility. They have consistently been as nasty and divisive as any ostensible American “leaders” in history. Their contempt for those who do not share their hard left values is obvious and deplorable.

Which is worse: being an obvious jerk, or being just as big a jerk, only smiling sweetly for the cameras?

Go cluck your tongues somewhere else.

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