Nov 242013

Most of five months after Oliver died, we have a new cat. Here she is:

kittykitty3She is 15 weeks old. She doesn’t have a name yet.

She is mostly Aaron’s cat. Aaron came home from our friend’s who was fostering her saying her name was Mary Ann.


Nobody likes Mary Ann but Aaron. I think we’ve convinced him that that’s a very people name, and not so much a cat name.

I absolutely fell in love with Harper over dinner tonight, on account of it’s forceful, feminine, iconic, and Southern. But I pushed too hard for it, and I think Aaron will reject it just on that basis. If Daddy wants Harper, then it must suck. Sigh.

Other frontrunners include Isabel, Agatha, Felicia, and Mackenzie. I’d be OK with any of those. Aaron has a little too much affection for Esmerelda, which is pretty but unwieldy. I’m hoping his mother, who enjoys significantly more influence than I do right now, successfully squashes that.

So I guess I’ll tell you what the cat’s named sometime this week. In the meantime, she is beautiful and very lovey. Glad to have her.

I’m amazed and appalled at what a cat person I am.

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Nov 232013

I have a couple of these countdown clocks around. They run on a single AA battery. I like them a lot. I was going to pimp the merchant’s site to you, but it seems it’s gone.

cdclockThis one is counting down to the next time I step on my physician’s scale. You’ll note that I have two goals listed. One is numerical (my weight goal). The other is to shed another blood pressure medication. I am on two now. I would like to drop to one. (I have been on as many as four simultaneously.)

Healthy, skinny people? Please work hard to stay that way. It’s a lot easier to maintain than it is to sustainedly misbehave and then try to reverse course.

At that goal I’ll still have 65 pounds to go, but I will have lost 52.

And there’s a reasonable chance I won’t be the biggest guy in the room anymore.

Hammer down!

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Nov 222013

Nukes Mean Fallout, Harry

Harry Reid’s removal of the filibuster for confirmation of executive nominees and most judges yesterday, also known as “the nuclear option,” was head-spinningly hypocritical, not to mention short-sighted and unbelievably destructive. It was a bad idea in 2005, and it’s a bad idea now. The U.S. Senate has not been a healthy body in some time, but this fast-tracks it to being essentially a functional clone of the House. How “deliberative” of you, Senator Reid. This stands an excellent chance of being your ultimate legacy, and it is truly a shameful one.

Some folks who aren’t thinking it all the way through are saying things like “well, when the Republicans again have a majority, they can reinstate the filibuster rules.” That is political fantasy. The Democrats have now demonstrated that they will ignore such rules when they are sufficiently inconvenient. Therefore, the Republicans have no choice but to claim the same power, else they’re permanently hamstrung. It takes 60 for Republicans, but 51 for Democrats? We’ll just keep it that way, in the spirit of patriotism (or whatever)? Riiiight.

If You Like Your Money…

As for the Prevaricating Teleprompter’s signature “accomplishment,” things are humming right along, thank you. We learned this week that a large part of the payment infrastructure for is not even built yet. This morning we learned that the start of next year’s enrollment period has been pushed from October 15, 2014 to November 15. October 15 is before Election Day. November 15 is after Election Day. See how that works?

It’s. The. Law.

Camelot, 50 Years Later

Today is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Most of what I have read about it has made me angry, and I was planning to avoid all mention of it on Now that I’ve deviated from that plan, I offer that the Kennedy presidency has benefited from more revisionism than perhaps any other single event in American history. President Kennedy believed, articulated, and in many cases put into motion, some great things. He also set the United States on some unambiguously terrible courses. Accurately assessing his impact requires honesty about both. I’ll just leave it at that.

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Nov 212013

Nathan wanted to have birthday dinner at I Love Sushi. (We just got one in Madison!) We packed up and went tonight.

We arrived at 5:30 and were seated immediately. I was pleased to see Kirin and Sapporo draft, and selected the latter. Japanese restaurants should have Japanese draft beer. Most Japanese beers, Sapporo included, are just okay, but I’ve gotten accustomed to having them with sushi. (I’m just not much of a sake person.)

We had gyoza and fried calamari for appetizers. Both were tasty, though the calamari was a little saltier than it needed to be.

For dinner, Lea had sizzling beef, which was tasty, but it just looked like fajitas so it wasn’t very photogenic. Both boys and I ate sushi. Our ordering model was we’d each get two rolls for ourselves, then three additional rolls to share among us. Behold the arsenal:

sushi1For those of you scoring at home, that’s California roll and eel roll in the rear; two rows of spicy tuna roll; a row of shrimp tempura roll; firecracker roll in the front on the left; and rainbow roll in the front on the right. Call this the “Williams and Sons” sushi platter. You can replicate it for $66.85.

We didn’t quite make it. Could have done with one roll less, I think. Figures we’d leave five of the most expensive pieces:

sushi2I might have tried to power through these, but I’m stepping on my doctor’s scale in the morning. Heh.

Service was excellent throughout the evening. Lea had a chocolate martini for dessert, which met with her approval.

Glad to have you out our way, I Love Sushi. We’ll see you again!

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Nov 212013
  • We had a major scare this morning when a suspicious package was found on a railroad tanker car filled with hydrogen fluoride. It turned out to be a small package of marijuana, which is kind of a comical end. It was serious for some time, though. Hydrogen fluoride is exceptionally nasty stuff, and best I can tell, authorities did a great job with containment, orderly and sensible evacuations, and the like. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen!
  • You know those steel bars on the backs of tractor trailers that are intended to prevent your car from sliding under the trailer in a collision? Did you know those were mandated shortly after Jayne Mansfield died in such an accident, and consequently they are popularly known as Mansfield bars?
  • I am actually moving forward on a site idea I had. It’s cool, but not something that will require a lot of my time. I’ll probably debut it shortly after the first of the year.
  • I believe we’re about to adopt a cat. I don’t think I’m ever going to miss Oliver any less than I do now, so it must be time.
  • The Rocket City Bloggers are working on something pretty doggone cool. Watch for more details soon.
  • Our first trip to I Love Sushi is imminent. I may write a review if I have enough to say.
  • Ample 20s forecast for next week, and they’re teasing snow in and out. Y’all all set to begin paying the bill for our mild summer?
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