Dec 082019

This is the sixth annual College Football Playoff, and the first in which Alabama has not been selected.

That is really remarkable, and perfectly embodies what I had to say years ago, before Nick Saban coached his first Alabama game, about what “‘Bama’s back” means. Alabama’s a legitimate threat every year, and despite breathless declarations of the dynasty being over, I don’t see any significant evidence for that yet.

Alabama was close to getting in this year, but there were enough hampering circumstances that I hope it never felt tantalizingly so. In the Citrus Bowl against Michigan, I’d like to see something more like the 2011 Capital One Bowl than the 2009 or 2014 Sugar Bowl.

(You know, a team excited about building for the following season instead of one disappointed not to be playing for the national title.)

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Nov 172019

I laid out pretty much what I had to say in a Facebook status last night, and I’m still behind it:

Tua was in the game because he was performing at an extremely high level, and it was only the second quarter. If you’ve paid any attention at all, you know that this is entirely consistent with the way Coach Saban has played starters the entire time he’s been at Alabama. There was no error committed here. It was bad luck that could have happened on the first play of the game. So stop the tongue-clucking. You know what they say about hindsight.

I have been so looking forward to having Tua in the NFL, not only because he’s our best chance since Stabler to have an Alabama quarterback star as a long-term starter, but because we need what he has to offer. He is positive. He leads with a smile. He is a powerful witness for Christ. There is no more obvious hero for young people–indeed, for any of us.

I’m so sad that this future is in such jeopardy for him now. I deeply hope he can recover and fulfill it.

God be with you, bright light. #PrayersforTua

Today we’ve learned that his hip joint was reset at the stadium (very good news) and that after extensive consultation, he’s having surgery in the morning that should put him on the road to a full recovery.

Tua in good spirits, playing the ukulele and singing. (From Facebook.)

Whether that means he declares for the 2020 NFL draft or comes back to Alabama for his senior year, no one knows. But it doesn’t really matter to me. I’m just so delighted to hear that “full recovery” is the reasonable expectation. He is such a special young man, and I hope we all can enjoy and benefit from him being in the spotlight for several years (such as an NFL career would afford him).

Very disappointed in everyone who led with chatter about Nick Saban, the Auburn game, playoffs, or other extraneous nonsense when discussing Tua’s injury. Elevate yourselves.

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Nov 132019

In the wake of the LSU loss I’ve mostly stayed away from Alabama football stories, but have gathered here and there that many think it wasn’t fatal to Alabama’s playoff hopes. Yeah, it probably was. There are four slots. The SEC champion is going to get one of them. An undefeated Clemson is going to […]

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Sep 292019

(This is a Facebook post reproduced here [though with some value added with hot links], so I apologize if it is a repeat for you. If you are ever dissatisfied with, your purchase price will be cheerfully refunded.) So Clemson had trouble with the Fighting Mack Browns, and now Alabama’s #1 again. I’ve already […]

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