Sep 292019

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So Clemson had trouble with the Fighting Mack Browns, and now Alabama’s #1 again.

I’ve already got lots of people squawking at me for my negativism, and that’s fine. I’ll be delighted for you to dig up this post after the LSU game, the Auburn game, the SEC title game, the semifinal, or the national championship, and rub my nose in it.

I’m telling you, Crimson Nation, we need to manage our expectations this year.

It was nearly exclusively our first team defense that Ole Miss racked up all those yards against yesterday. Yes, I know the outcome of the game was never in doubt, but when we throw the term “garbage points” around we’re generally talking about stuff we surrendered late in the game because we had underclassmen in the game.

And, yeah. But this year those kids are the first string—the young, gassed, inexperienced first string.

It is difficult to overstate how splendidly tragic our defensive injuries are. And I know Saban Inc. is getting these youngsters as many reps as they can, but LSU is barely more than a month away, and Coach O appears to have a monster offense on the ground.

Yes, we have one too. I’ve noticed. Oh, wow. But with our defense, which, so far, falls off a cliff late, winning a shootout is not a guarantee. Can our D grow up quickly enough?

Alabama will not be seriously tested until November 9. But folks, we might drop that one. We might drop the Iron Bowl too.

My right brain would love for me to be wrong. But so far, my left brain is telling me 11-2.

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Feb 202019

Beginning with the 2019 Indianapolis 500, all of the Dallara DW12 IndyCar bodies will include the Advanced Frontal Protection device, or AFP for short.

The AFP is a roughly trapezoidal, three-inch-tall, three-quarters-of-an-inch wide piece of titanium mounted on the centerline of the car, directly in front of the driver. It is meant to deflect debris away from the driver’s head.

The AFP is highlighted in green. Photo by IndyCar.

Clearly this will be some increased protection against some kinds of debris, but anything on an unfavorable trajectory will remain a problem. It’s hard to see this doing much about a detached wheel arriving at 200 mph, for example.

The IndyCar article indicates that a halo could not be fitted to the current chassis, and that there were problems with the windscreen prototype during testing at the PPG facility here in Huntsville. So it sounds like this is a stopgap.

I have christened it The Nubbin.

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Feb 012019

I didn’t follow the NFL at all for several years—decades, really. There were years in my young adulthood that I could’ve been offered $10,000 to name five of the starting quarterbacks in the league, and I would have lost the money. Still, I usually watched the Super Bowl even then. It’s a good excuse for […]

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Jan 172019

As expected, Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts has transferred to Oklahoma, where he will be eligible to play his one remaining season immediately. He has bid his “Alabama family” farewell in a missive that speaks deeply to the fine young man he is. All the best to you, Jalen. Thank you.

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Jan 152019

President Trump hosted 2018 college football national champions Clemson at the White House last night. Citing the government shutdown, Trump spent thousands of dollars of his own money on fast food to serve to the players and coaches: “I think we’re going to serve McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King with some pizza. I really mean […]

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