Mar 132013

Daniel Foster has a piece up this morning about Republicans and gay marriage. It is refreshing, in a way, because it stops at a neutral account of social trends, rather than falling somewhere on the scale between disgust and resentful resignation.

I am becoming increasingly resentful of our societal obsession with sexuality in general. We speak of “gays and lesbians” as if that’s the most interesting or defining thing about them, and it never is. It’s past time to get over it.

Republicans, dig: gay marriage is inevitable. Whether or not you believe a strong conservative case can be made for it (it can), you need to acknowledge the political reality that opposition to it hurts, particularly with younger voters (whom Republicans still need badly, in case that escaped your notice). If you can’t win elections, you can’t govern with what are unquestionably more important principles (you know, like fiscal restraint and limited government?).

The tent needs to be big enough for Adam and Steve, and Jennifer and Melissa. (And no, they don’t begrudgingly get their own area of the tent.)

I hope Republicans can openly and enthusiastically support gay marriage soon. I hope Republicans who still can’t have the decorum and discipline to keep it to themselves.

Time to move on from this, GOP.

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  3 Responses to “Time to get over gay marriage, GOP”

  1. Well said, sir.

  2. Thank you, my friend. I am hopeful the time is now for this to get through.

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