Jan 292011

The southeastern United States is enjoying a marvelously mild day.  A splash of meteorological joy appearing amongst sustained seasonal malaise is historically bad for my blog, and today is no exception.  Traffic is down 30-35%.  In fact, I’m positively delighted you’re reading this.  No one else is.

Winter Saturdays mean Upward for us, so we had Aaron’s game and then Nathan’s game today.  I was supposed to volunteer on the grill this afternoon at our church’s seasonal restaurant The Christian Cafe, but another guy asked me to switch days with him.  So it’s a tad more relaxing afternoon than I anticipated, though please understand, that’s an observation totally devoid of complaint.  Stuff I’m doing:

  • Checking out the Rolex 24 at Daytona.  IndyCar doesn’t start for another two months, and it’s racing!  I’m definitely a novice when it comes to sports car endurance racing, though.
  • Loving all of the macro shots of the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona during said coverage.  Rolex has a mystique that flirts with irrational, in my opinion, but there’s no doubt the Daytona is a spectacularly gorgeous watch.  If you need a birthday or Christmas idea for me, I’ll take one.  The steel version, which I’m totally fine with, is only about $12,000.
  • Watching the boys enjoy their Razor Rip Rider 360s on a beautiful 65º afternoon.  These things are so cool.  I’d buy an adult version.
  • Discovering that my Wi-Fi reaches into the garage just fine.
  • Watching my neighbor Bobby wash his truck, and wondering if he knows that it’s about to rain for three days.  I thought about yelling it across, but rejected the proposition as borderline jackassish.  Want couth?  There it is.  Who says you can’t take me anywhere?
  • Relishing The Call of the Wild.  I really love the style of the narrative.  It falls this weekend.  I bought a big pile of Dover Thrift Editions—no-frills editions of classics, but unabridged—years ago for $1 a pop.  I’ve only ever read a couple of them.  I disappointed myself with how little I read in 2010, and I’m rectifying it in 2011.  This is another rung on that ladder.
  • Making Super Bowl viewing plans.  I’ve decided the Packers get my support.  This is partially because I was delighted with how consistently and genuinely polite and warm Wisconsinites were on my first visit last year, and partially because one of the biggest jerks I’ve ever known is a Steelers fan.
  • Putting the rest of the Avery India Pale Ale out of its misery.  It’s not bad, but not worth repeating.  This is not really its fault; there are simply too many other great IPAs out there.  It’s a marvelous time to be a hophead.
  • Reflecting on, and appreciating, some new challenges at work.
  • Beginning to pleasantly anticipate the deluxe BLTs that got the nod for dinner.
  • Feeling so blessed to have such a leisurely, unhurried, relaxed day, wanting for nothing.  God is good.

I hope you’re having a good weekend.

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  3 Responses to “Lost and leisurely Saturday”

  1. I’m for the Packers because their quarterback isn’t a rapist.

    And, I’ll take a little break from creating flash video party invitations to come over here and read.

  2. Everybody needs to have a lazy Saturday every now and then. Especially when the weather cooperates.

  3. ‘seester, I don’t pay enough attention to have known what you were talking about at first, but yeah, that’s a good reason.

    I’m still well caught up on leisure from our snow-ins, kemtee, so I felt a little twinge of guilt–but indeed, it was fun.

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