Dec 262010

We had a white Christmas—and how!

We’re having a white December 26, too.  Roads are much worse today from the overnight freeze, and another inch or two of snow is forecast.  I actually went to church early this morning because I was scheduled to give blood before services, but our pastors were in the process of canceling when I got there.  So I hung out, drank coffee, and laughed a bit, then picked up beer and steaks on the way home.

Now as late as noon on Christmas Eve, the forecast was a 60% chance of light snow, with a half-inch to an inch of accumulation, mostly on grassy surfaces.  Even mid-morning yesterday, with four inches of snow on the ground, they weren’t calling it a winter storm.  As I type, we’ll have seven to eight inches total before it’s over.  That’s heavy-duty in northern Alabama.

I’m delighted the boys finally got the “real snow” we’ve been telling them about!

We all had a good time yesterday.  We started here at 5:53 am.  (We require that the boys stay in their rooms until 6, but it was tough to be a hard-ass about it when I learned they’d sat back there wide awake for an hour.  Heh.)  We had lunch at Lea’s mom’s, with all of her sisters in town—no mean feat when one lives in New Mexico.  We capped at Dad’s, where we enjoyed ourselves, but didn’t stay as long as we would have liked because of sundown travel concerns.

I’ll resume some productive activity tomorrow, but I’m playing today.  I see movies, games, and a book in my immediate future.

Have to tell about a chuckle I got this morning before I go.  I received a perfect example of tortuously overthought political correctness in my inbox.  An email from Barnes & Noble informed me of an “after holiday clearance.”

Okay, so they studiously and successfully avoided the use of the demon, evil, nasty, polarizing word Christmas.  But how accurate is “after holiday” when Kwanzaa starts today?  Just what kind of operation are they running up there?  What are they, racists?  I certainly hope somebody’s suing over this.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and can enjoy a leisurely Sunday after.

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  5 Responses to “White Christmas, and political correctness will find you wherever you go”

  1. It’s like a Christmas miracle isn’t it? The first white one I’ve ever had in SC! We barely made it here – started falling at 7 pm.

    My uncle, who is down from Chicago is less than enthusiastic, saying that’s why he comes to SC – to escape the snow. I think he’ll reflect more kindly on our wintry weather when he sees that it all vanishes in a couple of days.

    It sure is pretty while it lasts, though.

  2. The local news said we had measurable snowfall in the Huntsville area for Christmas 1989, but I don’t remember that. We may well have, but it certainly wasn’t anything like this. I’m counting this as my first white Christmas.

    Hope you are enjoying yourselves!

  3. Merry “post” Holiday!! Did you get some good stuff ? 🙂

  4. I second the “Merry post-holiday” wishes

  5. […] “they” understated our Christmas snow, and then got Snowpocalypse about right.  So, if there’s a trend, “they” were […]

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