Feb 182016
  • Well, should we take up a collection for Kanye? Pass the hat for the asshat? Sorry…
  • Christy at Southern Plate has developed a recipe for the new Chick-fil-A superfood salad! I like that salad, but it’s quite expensive at the restaurant, so I’m definitely looking forward to trying Christy’s version.
  • Three-day weekends are marvy, but the four-day week that follows is usually no less grueling than a normal week.
  • Yes, I will watch the Daytona 500, just like I watched Arkansas-UNLV when it was one of the first college football games one year. It’s something. Also, I’m looking forward to seeing how Jeff Gordon does as a broadcaster.
  • I can remember seeing Vanity for the first time and thinking well, that’s it. No one will ever be sexier than this. Denise Matthews has succumbed to renal failure at 57. RIP.
  • I corrected two people talking about winter in the past tense recently. It’s the third week of February. We still have multiple freezes on deck.
  • I’m angry and aggressive on my weight right now. We’ll see how sustainable that is, but it’s been a great week.
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Feb 162016

It is ludicrous to suggest that Barack Obama should let his successor nominate Antonin Scalia’s replacement to the U.S. Supreme Court.

It is also ludicrous to suppose that the Senate will confirm such a nominee.

Finally, it is most ludicrous of all to be outraged by any of this.

I think Rich Lowry’s editorial mostly nails it. We have not had a president in my lifetime who values a good relationship with Congress less than Obama does. He has told us through his actions and words throughout his time in office that he, in fact, drips with contempt for them. Now he’s going to be horrified that they won’t play ball?

Furthermore, if this were a Republican president in his last year and a Democratic Senate, is anyone going to tell me with a straight face that Harry Reid would be eager to confirm a nominee, out of respect for the Constitution?

This is going down exactly like I said above. It is what it is, and it would be no different were the Ds and Rs after folks’ names reversed. If you believe it would, you’re a fool.

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Feb 142016

I was 16 years old the only time I ever dined and dashed.

It was at Terry’s Pizza on Governor’s Drive in Huntsville. It was either in the summer between my junior and senior years of high school, or early in my senior year. I was part of a group of four or five. When we got to the register, no one was there, and a member of my party waved us out, silently but urgently. I didn’t have the $50 or so it would have taken to cover everyone’s bill, so I had no choice but to go.

Honestly, I don’t remember how torn I was at the time. It was a practical reality that I couldn’t pay, no matter how much of a moral dilemma it was or wasn’t.

Nevertheless, it’s occasionally bugged me. When a Terry’s Pizza remembrance popped up on AL.com last week, I commented with a confession and offer to make things right, and heard from one of the children in the comments section shortly thereafter. She forgave me and asked me to pay it forward. And that became its own piece on AL.com. Very cool.

I figure my dinner bill was $10. Compounded quarterly at 5% for 29 years, that’s about $43.

What should I do with that $43? Let me hear from you.

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Feb 122016

belkcherryJust wasn’t feeling it this morning.

Is it the absence of caffeine in my system? Not sure, but today just didn’t look like a regular day, so I didn’t make it one. I worked a little bit, but most of the day I did my own thing. Needed saline solution, and also needed a Valentine’s Day present. It was a good day to be out and about. Sweatshirt and window halfway down was a perfect combination.

I tacked saline onto the beer run at Publix. I wound up entering Belk at Bridge Street for a Valentine’s Day present, and wow, that was my Belk at Bridge Street cherry! How long has it been open? Maybe 18 months? Can anyone beat that?

I’m making my family’s favorite stir fry for dinner, and Upward tomorrow, and life is good.

Have a good weekend.

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