Nov 192014

Katherine Timpf shares at National Review that online dating service OKCupid lists 12 different sexual orientations, from which users can select as many as five.


There are also 22 options for gender.

I get that sexuality is a continuum. I get that people can feel conflicted and trapped. I get that people are occasionally born with ambiguous external genitalia. I understand there can be gray between male and female or between straight and gay.

But this just might be getting silly, dudes and dolls.

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  One Response to “12 different sexual orientations? 22 different genders?”

  1. I don’t really understand why most sites insist on making it a check box (ahem Facebook). Just make it a write in. Then you will have exactly as many options as you need. (On a dating site, things get a little more complicated since a large number of people do use gender as a criteria in selecting a partner.)

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