Mar 032014

So you want to read my views on the 86th Academy Awards? You should probably know that I didn’t watch them. (‘Course, that didn’t stop me from live-tweeting them.)

I remembered on my commute this morning to look up the Best Picture winner. Didn’t see it. Never heard of it. Of the nine nominees, I’ve heard of five and seen zero. Gravity is the only one I even considered seeing at the cinema.

My friend Dan recently (playfully) accused me of being a popcorn movie guy now. He’s more right than I cared to admit at the time. I’ll go see the Marvel movies. Latest Hobbit? Check. I’ll usually get out for a significant sci-fi. (Really does sound like I should have made the big-screen effort with Gravity.)

I’m weary of important movies. There are way too many of them to suit me anymore, particularly when their takeaways are so often nakedly political. I want escapism more than I ever have. I’d like to leave the current world outside, not marinate in it for two hours.

Is that the world leaving me, or vice versa? Probably a little of each.

Maybe I’ll keep my current cinema habits and just work on the many, many classic films I haven’t seen. I have a Rocket City Blogger acquaintance with a good blog for that.

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  2 Responses to “On the 86th Academy Awards!”

  1. One of my FB friends summed it up very well. “I couldn’t give less of a [poop] about the Oscars if you gave me a whole bottle of Imodium.” I think the last one I cared about was the year of “The King’s Speech”, because I wanted that one to win.

    • Lea and I enjoyed The King’s Speech very much. That’s a good example of the sort of important movie I miss. That’s a unifying important movie, with takeaways for lots of people.

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