Dec 292012

I received a large compliment recently when someone told me I was “very kind.”

“Thank you, but no, I’m not,” I told her.  “I’m kind of an asshole some significant part of the time, really.”

She persisted.  “No, you are kind, helpful, and understanding.  You just don’t suffer fools gladly.”

I thanked her again.  Still not sure I deserve it.  But, I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit as I figure out how I’m going to deal with a second Obama term.  For four years I had no particular ill will toward the electorate, charitably considering the sociological impacts of Obama’s election while also remaining confident that we/they wouldn’t put him in again.

Guess what?  That was a bad approach.  There are a lot of damned morons in this country, and tens of millions of them voted to put Obama back in last month.  I mentioned earlier that it simply hasn’t been bad enough yet, and that I hope a condition bad enough to vote liberals out remains consistent with the survival of the American way of life.  I also mentioned earlier that the Republicans must do a much better job of explaining how self-reliance wherever possible is more consistent with the American dream than the Democratic fantasy of a cradle-to-grave welfare state.  I’m thinking about how I can write along those lines in the months to come, actually.

But I’m finished listening to breathless leftist fairy tales, even if only as a courtesy.  I’m not going to do it anymore.  I’ve been thinking it might be good for me to memorize a few short recitations, that I can deliver reliably and without emotion, to stifle such “discussion.”  For example, if the anemic economy or health care comes up, it might be something like:

“The economy has not improved because President Obama has fostered an exceptionally poor, tax-laden, heavily regulatory environment in which potential employers are unwilling to risk capital.  Obamacare is the largest component of this environment.  To secure your (ostensible) support for it, you were actively and repeatedly lied to about what the law would do and how much it would cost.  As we begin to feel its full negative effects this year, you’ll be played with more class envy nonsense and encouraged to blame a so-called do-nothing Republican House, when in fact the most anti-business president in the history of the country and his fellow thug Democrats are primarily to blame.  Economic growth comes from the private sector, not government.”

And then I’ll either change the subject, or walk away.  How many of those do I need?  I’m thinking five or six might do the trick for anything that might come up.

Excessive persistence on the part of the other party might prompt something like:

“You misunderstand me.  This is not that we don’t see eye to eye on some things; this is that you are wrong.  Until your reply begins with ‘I am wrong,’ we will not discuss this further.”

Rude?  Yes.  I’m not interested in being otherwise to such anymore.  If you don’t like that, then don’t bring up your stupid-ass fairy tale politics with me.  I promise, I’m thoroughly capable of a pleasant relationship independent of such.

We don’t today have multiple valid paths in a grand marketplace of civic ideas, infused with vigor by spirited debate.  We have an administration that, through a combination of ignorance and malice (and maybe we’ll debate the percentages of each later), wants to permanently and negatively alter the nature of the United States of America.  I won’t dignify support of such with the implicit validation of discussion.

Now as I said earlier, I do want to contribute positively to the discussion as well, because we’re going to need substantial effort going forward.  I’m thinking about how I can do that here, and I may be headed more toward a standalone essay sort of format—something that takes longer to write and research, but that is intended to stand on its own and (hopefully) provoke thought, if not immediate debate.  We’ll see.

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  2 Responses to “No more breathless leftist fairy tales”

  1. See, I have to agree thoroughly with your friend. You are far more kind than I have been concerning the same (or a similar) point of view.

    You are encouraging debate, but with a decided no-nonsense attitude.

    I simply tell people to stick it. But perhaps that’s the native New Yorker rearing her ugly head.

  2. You have a pretty head, and it is full of good sense to boot. 🙂 Happy New Year, Kelly!

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