Jun 242011

I read a marvelous piece on forgiveness this morning.

The ongoing blurring between genuine contrition and “I’m sorry I got caught,” on all-too-regular display when someone prominent “apologizes,” angers me.  On those occasions when I must apologize, I try to a) make sure I’m sincere before I offer it; and b) examine carefully what I’m going to say before I say it.  Whether purposely or accidentally, ultimately I don’t want slimy little loopholes worming their way in there.  “I’m sorry you were offended”?  Don’t bother.  That’s worse than saying nothing.

I’ve been fortunate not to have been deeply wronged very often, but when it has happened, sometimes I’ve had trouble forgiving.  I can know intellectually that it takes energy to keep such a wound open, and that it’s not well-spent.  I can also know intellectually that there is a difference between feeling actively antipathic toward a person, and simply avoiding being put in a position to be hurt by that person again.  However, rational thought faces formidable opposition in deep anger, does it not?

The Chuck Colson essay linked above is excerpted from the anthology Acculturated.  It’s worth your time.  I suspect I’ll read it a time or two more, at least.

I hope you have a good weekend.

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Jun 232011
  • Tony Kanaan was in excellent position to win at the Milwaukee Mile last weekend.  Alas, running second, he pushed just a little too hard and spun himself into the wall with 30 laps to go.  Get ’em at Iowa Saturday night, TK!
  • We gave Famous Joe’s in Madison a shot on Tuesday night.  There are appealingly specialized pizzas available, as well as a decent draft beer selection.  I think I enjoy Village Pizza a bit more, but Famous Joe’s definitely has a geographical advantage.  Ask to sit in Molly’s section; she was top-notch.  (And Famous Joe’s, it’s 2011.  Do you seriously not have a web page?)
  • The Alien Blu-ray is good.  The Aliens Blu-ray is excellent.  Still spectacular films, both.
  • I first drove a BMW 5-series in 1993, and I’ve never forgotten what a presence that car had.  It was crisp, authoritative; dismissive of distraction.  I loved it.  It was like driving a machete, and it looked the part.  I got my first close look at a current-generation example last week, and I’m pleased to report that the stylistic missteps of the past several years are now vanquished.
  • More people I know (and believe in) are ending their marriage.  Still punches me in the stomach every time I hear about it.  May I never be desensitized to such.
  • A tenth-anniversary Halo is coming out (this time for the Xbox 360, of course) this November 15.  I’m playing back through the campaign on Heroic difficulty in anticipation/preparation.  Halo 4 follows about a year later.
  • I got to point out a tiger bee fly to my boys last weekend.  It was resting on the side of Staples.
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Jun 212011

So NHFalcon is largely responsible for turning me on to Andrew Klavan.  Thanks, man.

Klavan has a number of traits that appeal to me, but I think my favorite is that his delivery is so placid—almost tranquil, really.  Yet rhetorically, he pulls no punches.  Loved this:

We know that leftists mistake their politics for virtue.  They think that voting for Democrats somehow makes them good people, and that they are therefore justified in treating anyone who disagrees with them like trash.

That’s from a blog post describing the treatment a young conservative comic got from an overheated representative of The Jon Stewart Show, when his agent dared to share with him the correspondence he had received explaining that “we never book conservative pundits.”

I think it speaks to something I touched on not long ago.  It could be that this false sense of virtue is part of what feeds the assumptive attitude.  (You know, “we all know this is the correct thing to do,” where “this” is some liberal fairy tale including only tenuous, if any, connections to the real world.)

I don’t think I’m going to go quite as far as I’m tempted to sometimes.  Superficially, it pisses me off, and part of me wants to say “that’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.  You’re joking, right?”  However, I do think I might rehearse and eventually deploy something like “actually, I don’t think that way at all.  I have arrived at radically different conclusions.  Do you agree that a thinking, reasonable person might differ with what you’ve said there?”

If anything interesting happens, I’ll let you know.

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Jun 192011
  • See, I’ve been badly and sustainedly misinformed, and I believe it is possible for the federal government to create wealth.
  • And/or, I’ve swallowed the ludicrous fiction that the rich aren’t paying their fair share.
  • And/or, I am convinced that any environmental problems, real or imagined, can be legislated away by omniscient and endlessly caring Democrats, and that no such issues should be entrusted to the evil, blood-sucking Republicans.
  • And/or, I believe the United States causes many more problems around the world than it solves.
  • And/or, I believe that Islam is essentially indistinguishable from Christianity, in terms of its role in the world.
  • And/or I belong to a union, and I’m doing what my boss tells me to do.  (No need to think.)
  • And/or I am sure that ATMs are stealing jobs.
  • And/or, just maybe I’m petrified of being called a racist.
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