Nov 262008

I give thanks for my beautiful family.  I give thanks for my friends.  I give thanks for my continued career success.  I am blessed beyond measure.  Being Bo in 2008 is a good gig.

I’m also thankful that, here in the heart of hopelessly backward-ass flyover country, my kids aren’t subjected to insufferable malcontents who wish to inflict that Thanksgiving celebrations shamelessly glorify genocide, nor are they exposed to tortured, hand-wringing blather about restraint and sustainability, when the whole point of the holiday is its unsustainability.

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  One Response to “On the eve of this Thanksgiving…”

  1. On Thanksgiving we do happily pretend their are no limits, at least those of us who still have the means to engage in that pretence, as opposed to those many who have already run up against them.

    Enjoy the feast.

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