Sep 262019
  • Yipes! Just one post between this Thursday miscellanea and the last one? Sheesh. I’ve been stressed out. My regimentation has suffered in real life, so it has suffered here. I am working on repairs.
  • Melanie and I lost our Chuy’s cherries today. It’s a pleasant environment, and our service was excellent. Our food was good, including the guacamole, though Cantina Laredo’s Huntsville guac title is safe. (Wow, that’s a tight parking lot, though. No fun wrangling a full-size crew-cab pickup out of there when it’s full.)
  • Antonio Brown recently said that he was done with the NFL. I think that decision may have already been made for him…
  • Memorable and prolific actor Sid Haig passed away this week. He was 80. I guess Captain Spaulding wound up being his signature role, which isn’t a bad lot. RIP.
  • One of my favorite Twitter connections recently asked “if you could listen to music by only two artists or composers for the rest of your life, who would you pick?” I said Neil Diamond and Bach.
  • We caught some sailboat racing (or yacht racing, or regatta, or ?) last night in between the time we switched the TV from Netflix and the time we turned it off. I’ll tell you, the participants were really working hard, but that has to be one of the worst casual spectator sports there is. I think you’d need skin in the game to even follow it correctly.
  • As I type, there are highs in the 80s and lows in the 50s forecast for the first weekend in October. Mid-90s and 70s until then. What this summer has lacked in intensity, it’s certainly made up for in duration. Sheesh.

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