Sep 052019
  • God be with everyone affected by Hurricane Dorian. A direct hit would have almost certainly been worse, but I know the waiting is agonizing for those still in her potential path.
  • Periodically someone will say to me “how do you keep up your blog and still keep up with life?” or similar. Well, the answer is when life is crazy enough, I don’t keep up my blog. I was sure I’d write a post yesterday and it was literally 11:45 before I had a chance. I still manage Thursday miscellanea posts most of the time because (obviously) they’re much easier to think about and write in chunks. Should be back to normal soon.
  • I enjoyed watching football this weekend, but the SEC was hardly impressive top to bottom. There were more than a few shouldn’t-have-been losses and struggles. Congratulations to Auburn for its rabbit from a hat. They’re making an opening-weekend bloody nose for the Pac-12 a habit.
  • A Perth vegan is suing her neighbors because they grill too much and the smell ruins her life or something. Now thousands are coming for a barbecue.
  • The TSA has reversed its ban on new Disneyland Star Wars soft drink containers that look like thermal detonators. Applauding the common sense, but wishing it didn’t so often come in such small doses.
  • Death row inmates can still choose the electric chair over lethal injection in a handful of states, and Alabama is one of them. Our electric chair is named Yellow Mama, because it’s painted with yellow highway paint. The United States and the Philippines are the only countries ever to use an electric chair for execution.
  • A.J. Foyt Racing has lost longtime sponsor ABC Supply for the 2020 season, retaining them only for one car in the Indianapolis 500. I think Foyt was planning to bring Tony Kanaan back before this news. Foyt says they’ll press on as a team, but there’s no telling TK’s fate now. I’d like to see him get a farewell season, but there are a lot of talented young drivers out there who don’t have 2020 seats yet. I love Kanaan, but the business case for signing him is thin.

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