May 302019
  • Congratulations to Simon Pagenaud for a dominating performance in Sunday’s Indianapolis 500. What a great drive to complete the May sweep of the Brickyard!
  • I’ve never liked restroom hand dryers. Do I feel vindicated? Maybe a little.
  • Duluth Trading in Madison opens one week from today! I’ve been a happy customer for several years now. With a local store, I’m looking forward to being able to try things on easily (like pants).
  • Lea and I just finished season 2 of Bosch last night, but noticed that season 5 of Luther is out there now. We may have to break and knock that out first. I guess Bosch and Luther are my first favorite fictitious cops since Ponch and Jon.
  • More Black Mirror next week! Only three episodes, but I’ll take it!
  • Locals, remember when it just wouldn’t stop raining? Is this better or worse?
  • Soon there will be a more regular—and voluminous!—approach to food reviews on (I tipped one coming-soon yesterday.) I am still settling details, but going forward there will be new local review content every week.

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