Aug 092018
  • Won’t You Be My Neighbor? will be available on DVD early next month (and available to stream week after next). I had hoped for a short home-market incubation period, and it looks like that’s what we’ll get.
  • Huntsville Restaurant Week begins in earnest tomorrow. Get out there and experience it! I am!
  • They made all necessary improvements at Hardiman and County Line for the eventual traffic light, but managed not to install the light before school started. This is a needlessly missed opportunity. But, being blessed with schedule flexibility sufficient to do so, I’m mostly trying not to coincide with school traffic at all this year. So I’ll call it extra motivation to maintain my desired routine.
  • I won’t go all the way to “I was looking forward to it,” but I was interested in satisfying my IKEA curiosity with the Nashville store. Alas, plans for it are no more. (Apparently this news is nearly three months old, but I just got it. So maybe you did too.)
  • So I mentioned last week that I started watching The Mist on Netflix. I learned this week that it was canceled after one season. So I’m headed for a cliffhanger that will never resolve. That’s all right. I’m mostly going through the motions with it anyway. There’s nearly no fidelity to the source material here, and little depth to any of the characters.
  • The new Ace Frehley album Spaceman drops in October. His last two records of original material have been great, and both of the advance singles from this one rock. Looking forward to it.
  • Feeling subdued as football season approaches. Not sure what to make of it after backtracking on my initial decision to abandon fanhood altogether. I’ll just see how it goes. Definitely I’m still looking forward to the lazy festivities of Labor Day weekend. The penultimate IndyCar race of the season is even that Sunday—an embarrassment of riches indeed!

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  1. At the very least, the swedish meatballs at IKEA are excellent.

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