May 022019
  • Season 3 of Stranger Things lands July 4. It—Chapter Two opens September 6.
  • Excited to be a celebrity/VIP judge again this year at WhistleStop. Maybe we can hustle the weather through a bit earlier than what is currently forecast. That happens a lot more often than the opposite, in my observation.
  • Will I DVR the Kentucky Derby? Of course I will. I don’t want to miss any Indy 500 spots!
  • There is a marvelous remembrance of the good ol’ Tip Top on (The piece is nearly three years old, but it’s getting circulated on Facebook.) My Tip Top resume is not nearly as long and impressive as some—I spent more time at Vapors—but wow, I sure had a good time every time I went.
  • The signs are on the building at Duluth Trading in Madison. Won’t be long now!
  • Obianuju Ekeocha is just stunningly beautiful, inside and out. Guaranteed starstruck if I ever met her. I would have to rehearse.
  • A Scientology-owned cruise ship has been quarantined for measles. The boat, the Freewinds, tends to embark full of brainwashed victims high-ranking members who have paid a lot of money, and are out to be the very most Scientologisty that they can possible be. Maybe Xenu can scare off the measles for them.

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