Aug 302018
  • College football has arrived! Nothing much happening until Saturday, but there are games. Is Wake Forest-Tulane the best one tonight?
  • I’ll be trying my hand at some spicy flaxseed crackers this weekend. I may get a blog post out of them if they turn out good.
  • I got to see 2001: A Space Odyssey twice on the big screen. Dad, the boys, and I went Sunday, and I went by myself Tuesday night. This film is one of my very favorite things, and I’m delighted I’ve finally seen it as Kubrick intended.
  • In addition to the arrival of football, this weekend we have IndyCar’s return to Portland and NASCAR at Darlington, which is one of the few reliably entertaining Cup tracks left. An embarrassment of riches indeed!
  • Judging from the near-omnipresence of a scout/guard or two, there is a red wasp nest somewhere on my pickup truck. I can’t find it easily. I think at this point I’ve just decided to just gamble until the first hard freeze.
  • Ace Hardware just opened at Hughes and Mill. I’m pleased about that, but there is no access from Portal Lane. That means if I go on the way home I’m going to have to either turn left on Mill or go up to Browns Ferry to get out of there. Boo.
  • Did you catch my Smoothies-N-Things review at Rocket City Mom? I’m already set for reviews for September and October too. Watch for them!
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Aug 272018

U.S. Senator and 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain has succumbed to brain cancer, four days short of his 82nd birthday. God be with his family and friends.

I am disappointed, but not surprised, that so many apparently perceive McCain’s death as a good occasion for political opportunism.

Whatever McCain’s human foibles, and however visible they might have been, his five-year-long detention and torture by the North Vietnamese is something very few of us can even partially understand. That he emerged from such to continue to serve his country to such a degree is genuinely heroic.

(We throw that word around too much. It’s justified here.)


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Aug 262018

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen 2001: A Space Odyssey, but it’s a lot.

Thanks to my old college friend Stan Williams mentioning it, without which I could have easily missed it, today was the first time I saw it on a big screen. There is an IMAX screening, based on the restored 70mm print, playing at Valley Bend 18 (in Jones Valley; the theater that opened as Rave) through this Wednesday, August 29.

(So make haste if you want to see it. And if you like the film, you do.)

This is an opportunity I never thought I’d have. It’s impossible to overstate how highly I regard 2001. It has been my unambiguously favorite film for decades, and I doubt it will ever be dethroned. It was amazing to spend the time with it today with Dad and the boys, and drink in the detail with such clarity.

It is shown just as it was on its initial theatrical release 50 years ago. The overture is present, as is the intermission. There are no coming attractions, so be on time.

If you’ve never seen it but it’s on your list, please go do this. Seeing it for the first time this way is an opportunity that you shouldn’t let go by.

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Aug 232018
  • We have a local showing of 2001: A Space Odyssey—at Valley Bend 18 in Jones Valley. (That’s the theater that opened as RAVE.) This is not a 70mm theater, so it’s not what I complained about never coming any closer than Miami earlier this year. I don’t know what it is, frankly. Doesn’t matter. It’s my favorite film, and I’ve never seen it on a big screen. Don’t dawdle. It’s not here long at all.
  • Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer has been suspended for three games for some alleged wacky shenanigans surrounding an alleged cover-up of some alleged domestic abuse by one of his alleged assistants. So glad to hear he’ll remain an alleged leader of young men.
  • Did you see my post on the new pasta dishes at Earth and Stone in Madison? Get these in your rotation. There isn’t a lot of house-made pasta for the walk-in around here.
  • Did you know that exhort has an opposite? It’s dehort. It’s archaic, but I like it, so use it and I will too, and we’ll see if we can pull it back. All kinds of nonsense gets in the dictionary these days. Let’s strike a blow for elegance.
  • IndyCar is back at Gateway on Saturday night, and it ought to be a good show. The defining pass of the season was at this race last year. Watch starting at 7 CDT on NBC Sports Network. The best auto racing in the world is in this series.
  • There are a handful of college football games this Saturday, though we’ll obviously still make the big day of it the following Saturday. I think the boys are as excited about already having the menu specified as they are anything. (Aaron wants buffalo chicken dip. Nathan wants chili cheese fries.)
  • I heard on the intertubes that Jerry Seinfeld’s Huntsville visit was a shortish set with little new material, and that there was no encore Q&A. Sounds like I made the right call not going.
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