Aug 302018
  • College football has arrived! Nothing much happening until Saturday, but there are games. Is Wake Forest-Tulane the best one tonight?
  • I’ll be trying my hand at some spicy flaxseed crackers this weekend. I may get a blog post out of them if they turn out good.
  • I got to see 2001: A Space Odyssey twice on the big screen. Dad, the boys, and I went Sunday, and I went by myself Tuesday night. This film is one of my very favorite things, and I’m delighted I’ve finally seen it as Kubrick intended.
  • In addition to the arrival of football, this weekend we have IndyCar’s return to Portland and NASCAR at Darlington, which is one of the few reliably entertaining Cup tracks left. An embarrassment of riches indeed!
  • Judging from the near-omnipresence of a scout/guard or two, there is a red wasp nest somewhere on my pickup truck. I can’t find it easily. I think at this point I’ve just decided to just gamble until the first hard freeze.
  • Ace Hardware just opened at Hughes and Mill. I’m pleased about that, but there is no access from Portal Lane. That means if I go on the way home I’m going to have to either turn left on Mill or go up to Browns Ferry to get out of there. Boo.
  • Did you catch my Smoothies-N-Things review at Rocket City Mom? I’m already set for reviews for September and October too. Watch for them!

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  1. The answer to is “Tulane the best thing tonight?” is always yes, for some reason or other.

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