Jul 272017
  • Huntsville Restaurant Week is fast approaching, and the annual associated food blogger tour is this weekend! Watch BoWilliams.com and Rocket City Mom for my thoughts and perspectives.
  • Band camp is going very well for both boys, I think. I was a little concerned about how quickly Aaron would settle in, and he’s doing wonderfully.
  • The boys and I are having a blast watching Jeopardy! together. It’s good Scholar’s Bowl drill, and I’m impressed with what they know. They’re beginning to outflank me a bit on world history from time to time, for example.
  • Time for the underwear buy. I’m giving a premium product a go for the first time. Might be a review to come.
  • Giving Mr. Robot another shot. First time around I was interested, but it didn’t take. I think it will this time. The writing on this show is sharp.
  • After encountering some good press here and there, I looked into Ghost a bit. Their cartoonish, over-the-top Satanism notwithstanding, I’m not feeling it. Their stuff seems trebly and unmoored, and the vocalist sounds like Weird Al. I certainly wouldn’t call these guys the future of heavy metal.
  • I’ve never pretended to be a life coach, but if you were to make a list of the most common and effective thieves of happiness, you could do much worse than this one.

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