Aug 012019
  • Huntsville Restaurant Week starts a week from tomorrow, and I’m making my plans. This gets better every year! Watch for news from the front!
  • The Eldora Dirt Derby is tonight at 8 pm on FS1. (That’s 150 laps of NASCAR trucks on a half-mile dirt oval. Should be a blast.)
  • Rutger Hauer died last week at 75, having lived nearly 19 times longer than Roy Batty. Tears in rain. Time to die. RIP.
  • Burger King will soon have the Impossible Whopper, with a plant-based patty produced by Impossible Foods, available nationwide. I almost never eat fast food anymore, but yes, of course I will review it for Stay tuned.
  • Top Line Tires is gone, and my longtime trust-him-enough-even-to-send-Lea-to-talk-to-him-by-herself guy in Madison Greg was not retained by the new owner of the building. I just bought tires for my pickup on Amazon. I’ll let you know how that goes.
  • I was confident five years ago that I could make my next colonoscopy funny enough to live-blog it. Am I still? Yeah, probably. However, I didn’t get an office visit to remind my doctor that he said I could go without sedation this time. So, (mercifully?) I’ll pass. This will be a new record for fasting for me, though—right at 44 hours. Not sure what it says about me that I’ve selected my super-duper beanie weenies to be awaiting me when I get home, but I’m already excited about that part.
  • Maybe I’ll see if the boys are up for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood before school starts back.

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