Jul 302017

It’s been quite a weekend, and it’s not over yet.

Watch for the #dinehsv hashtag to get all of the wonderful stories and pictures about this weekend’s food blogger tour. I’ll be writing both here at BoWilliams.com and at Rocket City Mom, and that hashtag will get you my work as well as everyone else’s on the tour (and it’s a marvelous bunch).

Look below. That can be your dessert during Huntsville Restaurant Week, August 11-20. (Click for larger—and stay tuned to find out where!)


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Jul 282017

Coca-Cola announced this week that it would remove Coke Zero from the U.S. market, replacing it with a newly-formulated product called Coke Zero Sugar.

I’ll select Coke Zero head-to-head over Diet Coke at a fountain, and it’s more mixable than most diet colas. But I have no real religion about it.

However, I certainly have experience in making a soft drink a big part of my life. I was very upset when PepsiCo changed the formula of Diet Mountain Dew in 2006. I set up a web site called NewDietDewIsYucky.com, and campaigned for months for the return of the original formula.

(I didn’t call it such at the time, but it’s really the first blogging I did. You can see a complete archive of the site here.)

I adjusted, of course. I drink the new Diet Mountain Dew. But I also drink a lot of other things. I’ve never again been loyal to a consumer product to the degree I was to 2006-and-earlier Diet Mountain Dew.

Judging from the social media churn, a lot of people have a similar adjustment to make when their one-and-only is removed from the market. I’m sorry, folks. All I can say is I’ve been there (and how).

As for Coke Zero Sugar, I will try it with an open palate. Coke Zero got most of the way to a real Coca-Cola taste, but there was an odd little synthetic glitch in the bottom of the gustatory experience. It’d be great if they actually get there with the new product.

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Jul 272017
  • Huntsville Restaurant Week is fast approaching, and the annual associated food blogger tour is this weekend! Watch BoWilliams.com and Rocket City Mom for my thoughts and perspectives.
  • Band camp is going very well for both boys, I think. I was a little concerned about how quickly Aaron would settle in, and he’s doing wonderfully.
  • The boys and I are having a blast watching Jeopardy! together. It’s good Scholar’s Bowl drill, and I’m impressed with what they know. They’re beginning to outflank me a bit on world history from time to time, for example.
  • Time for the underwear buy. I’m giving a premium product a go for the first time. Might be a review to come.
  • Giving Mr. Robot another shot. First time around I was interested, but it didn’t take. I think it will this time. The writing on this show is sharp.
  • After encountering some good press here and there, I looked into Ghost a bit. Their cartoonish, over-the-top Satanism notwithstanding, I’m not feeling it. Their stuff seems trebly and unmoored, and the vocalist sounds like Weird Al. I certainly wouldn’t call these guys the future of heavy metal.
  • I’ve never pretended to be a life coach, but if you were to make a list of the most common and effective thieves of happiness, you could do much worse than this one.
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Jul 262017

I’m not leaving voicemail anymore.

OK, mostly. I’d love to just walk away from it, but then I’d love to walk away from voice calls in general. My antipathy toward telephony has grown steadily stronger for years, and apart from an occasional catch-up with my geographically inconvenient sister or sorting quotidian details with a member of my immediate family, I’d rather not use it.

Words displayed on a screen are a better answer for nearly all other common scenarios. (Do you know how detailed you can get with an online pizza order, with an excellent chance you’ll get it just like you wanted it? Do you know how much better written driving directions are?)

Alas, so few of you seem to have reached (or to have even begun approaching) this level of enlightenment, so the telephone as a transceiver of voice remains in my life to some limited degree. I’ll begrudgingly tolerate it when I have to—but I can stop leaving voicemail. Not many of you even listen to it anymore anyway.

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Jul 242017

Both of my boys are going to band camp today. In just a few weeks, they’ll both be marching at halftime.

Aaron is a rookie this year. The calendar tells me I was a band rookie 33 years ago this month. I was two months older than Aaron is now when I first went to band camp.

We’ve been closer to the ends of their childhoods than the beginnings for some time now, but the feeling is especially acute today.

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