Sep 292016
  • Is it beginning to feel to any other locals like County Line Road ought to be finished by now? Doesn’t it seem like they block a section off, then take the barricades down, but nothing looks different? Then they block that section off again?
  • Yay for lows in the 50s! Window fans at night!
  • Alabama has lost redshirt freshman Blake Barnett. No big surprise that he’s transferring, but right now? His current team is on a rather plausible championship run, and does he not think there might be a few more things he could pick up in Tuscaloosa before leaving?
  • The Cadillac CT6 is the first Cadillac sedan that I’ve found truly stirring in the metal in a long time. Gorgeous car, folks. Bravo.
  • Check out my review of Rock n Roll Sushi at Rocket City Mom, if you missed it.
  • I went back to my old Chevron that installed the obnoxious yapping screens on the gas pumps just to verify that there’s no way to mute them, and there isn’t. (Well, I guess I could mute it with a tire iron, but you know what I mean.)
  • I have several friends who have lost close family members this week. God be with them in their grief.
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Sep 272016

I had a good time live-blogging the debate last night on Twitter, though I came away a little disappointed that we didn’t have more fireworks. Here was my immediate post-debate analysis on Facebook last night, which still sounds right to me this morning:

Hillary started the evening almost in zugzwang, or perhaps playing Russian roulette with only one empty chamber instead of one loaded one. She had a lot of potential mistakes to make and then didn’t make them. Edge to her, largely on that basis. Her errors were minor and likely noise-level.

Trump’s biggest mistake throughout was switching gears without providing context. Some of what he said on Iran could have been effective, but he started in the middle of the story because he assumed everyone knew what he was talking about. He needed to burn a few seconds on background. Furthermore, predictably, he interrupted too indiscriminately, and took some planes all the way into the ocean when he should have bailed. (The Iraq/Hannity sidebar was just bizarre and interminably long.) I suspect he either can’t or won’t be coached on behavior like this, because there was much more of it tonight than there should have been.

I think we ended the evening where we started. A major blunder from Hillary might shake things up. A significantly different approach from Trump might shake things up. I consider each of these things unlikely, and barring either of them, I think Hillary cruises.

On to the VP debate. What are their names again?

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Sep 262016

Dudes and dolls, alas, it still appears that we are not the marks in the most massive Candid Camera stunt ever, so tonight is the first presidential debate. It is scheduled for 8-9:30 pm CDT tonight.

I will be live-blogging this particular chapter of the apocalypse on Twitter. Please join me. We may be going straight to hell, but let’s at least see if we can get a few laughs before it gets too hot.

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Sep 242016

This is part of an ongoing series reviewing hot wings in the Huntsville area. Visit #HsvHotWings for a comprehensive linked list.

gyrouno1Gyro Uno, across from the liquor store on Madison Boulevard, has good gyros and burgers. They also advertise hot wings that check in at a claimed 2,000,000 Scoville heat units. Yes, please.

Wings are listed in four sizes, with twelve different flavors and a heat level of either Mild or Hot. The top heat level is Double Dog Dare, and those are six wings for $10.99 plus tax. Ouch. Now, to do their Chicken Champ Challenge (for the T-shirt and a spot on the wall), you have to eat the wings without a drink, waiting two minutes between each one. Lunch was mostly about a pleasant visit with my friend Paul, so I didn’t do the challenge. I got three drums (actually four; a little throw-in runt tagged along) and three flats. Double Dog Dare wings are prepared when you order them, so you’ll wait about 12 minutes.


Quality: 4/10. My wings were fresh, appealingly sized, and served at ideal temperature. But when they’re $2 each, the value proposition is badly damaged. These are pretty wings, but they’re really high in the name of novelty. If you’re getting a bunch of Gyro Uno wings for the game, you’ll want to get Hot, which are down to 87¢ apiece if you get 25 of them.

Flavor: 8/10. This is a fine job delivering heat without abandoning flavor. These are tasty buffalo wings—good for a challenge, but good for lunch too, with all of the correct attendant spice and flavor notes. I appreciate hot food that is still something I want to eat for its own sake.

Heat: 8/10. Double Dog Dare wings are heavy on ghost and scorpion peppers, with characteristic C. chinense turbo lag. Wing number one is your happy little friend, with a bit of a snap. Wing number five is gloriously painful, and cackling at you every bite as sweat drips from your hairline to your neck. Are they 2,000,000 Scoville units? Hmm. Though they may contain ingredients at that level, I’d estimate the actual experience at maybe slightly more than half that. That means they’re still quite formidable. This is not an experience for novices.

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Sep 232016

Can you handle this upcoming political theater? I’m not sure I can.

Monday night’s presidential debate figures to be one of the single most entertaining and unpredictable political events of the past 50 years or so. Trying to script in advance how this is going to go—well, let’s just get the proverbial hundred monkeys and hundred typewriters and see what happens. (Kids, this link included in case you don’t know what a typewriter is.)

Lovers of language, would-be pundits, irreverent bloggers—we’re all salivating.

But can we enjoy it knowing?

Can we enjoy it without also sobbing uncontrollably at the fact that one of these tools is going to win?

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