Oct 312013

You didn’t read it. I know you didn’t. Almost no one did.

The main reason you didn’t read it, and the main reason that almost no one did?

“If you like your current health plan, you can keep your current health plan.” – Barack Obama

That’s what did it. Your thinking goes “OK, this is going to help some people who need it, but it won’t affect my health care, with which I’m generally pleased. So yes, I’m in favor.”

Obamacare would have never passed without the above unambiguous and ceaselessly repeated assertion, which, alas, has turned out to be one of the most egregious, sustained, and remorseless lies a president has ever told.

Now that we know it’s a lie, and now that we’ve seen Obama’s scornful reaction to the outrage, I need you to walk with me a bit. We’ve got to get this turned back. This law has already done significant damage. We need to stop it from doing any more.

The first thing you can do is tell your representatives in Congress that you expect them to support efforts to extend existing 2013 policies to 2014. That will buy a little bit of time for more extensive repair.

The second thing you can do is never trust Barack Obama again. He regards you and me with contempt and derision. You support his way, or you’re deranged, evil, or both. Never forget it.

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Oct 312013
  • Happy Halloween! Alas, the weather is not looking good for trick-or-treating.
  • Aaron has had strep throat since Sunday night. Most of the time a sore throat around here is viral, so Lea and I were slow to take him to the doctor. He went this morning, and he’ll be back at school tomorrow. Children and illnesses are highly variable, of course, but headache and loss of appetite tend to accompany a bacterial sore throat more often than a viral one. He had both. We’ll put that knowledge in our pockets.
  • One of my favorite PCmag.com writers is Sascha Segan, which was also the name of a precocious child on Child’s Play, one of game show giant Bill Cullen‘s last gigs. I’m pretty sure it’s the same person, but best I can tell, there is no confirmation of such online. I’ve almost asked Mr. Segan about it a time or two, but passed. If he wanted it out there, it’d be out there. Well, I guess it is now.
  • Happy 62nd birthday, Coach Saban! As I type he’s lost 13 games at Alabama—total. And 69% of those were in 2007 and 2010. And 67% of those were in 2007 alone. Keep telling me what a jerk he is. Your jealousy is delicious!
  • I think we’re probably about halfway through Coach Saban’s time at the Capstone. I can see having him 14 years, which would be one more year than the rest of his head coaching stops combined. That would put his last season at 2020, retiring at 69. I am convinced we’re not losing him to anywhere but Lake Burton. (Ask Rob Ezell.)
  • Nathan’s soccer team got into the area tournament this weekend, and they did it in grand fashion. They played lights out in the final last Sunday and won 4-0. I’m looking forward to seeing how they do. It’s been a great fall season. So proud of the team, and so appreciative of their coaches.
  • Taught both boys back-to-back in September and October. Looking forward to resuming my usual Sunday schedule of going to early service downstairs, and Reveal upstairs.
  • I had one of my friend Tommy’s habaneros with lunch late last week, and it just about blew the back of my head out. That was easily the hottest habanero I’ve ever had. Looking forward to the rest, now that I know what to expect! And thanks!
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Oct 302013

drobamaFour Pinocchios for our esteemed president’s claim that “no one will take away” your current health insurance, and good for The Washington Post.

Obama’s “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan” is one of the most recognizable and prominent things he’s said in his entire career. In terms of a dictation of policy, it’s easily the top one. It is a stark, unambiguous claim, and that’s what gave it its punch. That it was clear to Barack Obama in 2010 that it wasn’t true makes it an absolutely stunning betrayal.

Yet there are still fawning sycophants rushing to the defense of their slighted god-king in the comments of the story cited above.

A good many of them are coming with the time-honored tu quoque fallacy. Some are parsing the “grandfathering” language and letting The One off the hook that way. (They’re apparently too lazy or in the tank for their hero to realize that the grandfathering language is written so restrictively that nearly nothing qualifies. If a copay goes up $10, or a deductible $100, that’s a “new plan” and therefore ineligible for grandfathering.)

The most alarming defense, to me, is the one that goes something like “well, people were getting ripped off with inadequate or deceptive plans, and this gives them a much better product. So it’s a good thing.”

That is failure to value self-reliance. And that particular myopia is what the entitlement state seeks to foster in its electorate above all else. And if we don’t get it checked, it’ll be the end of the country.

Folks, dig:

  • If an insurance company and a consumer enter into an agreement, that’s no one’s business—including the government’s—but the company’s and the consumer’s.
  • If your insurance company wants to sell me a policy that covers only major injury or illness, and then only once a $10,000 deductible is satisfied, that’s no one’s business—including the government’s—but mine and yours.
  • If your insurance company wants to sell me a policy that covers only Jumping Frenchmen of Maine, and my premium is 14 goose feathers and an ounce of coyote saliva every two months, that’s no one’s business—including the government’s—but mine and yours.

The government may have a role if I do something I said I wouldn’t do, or if the insurance company does something it said it wouldn’t do. Judicial recourse is a legitimate governmental function.

What is happening here instead is the very worst of “nanny state”-ism. You, the American people, are too stupid or ignorant to make choices about your own lives. So we, Your Betters, the ever-benevolent federal government, shall make these choices for you. Decreased choice? Increased costs? Simple side effects of finally doing it properly. And it shall be the law of the land.

Your liberty is an inconvenience to be ceaselessly managed, and thwarted whenever possible.

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Oct 282013

“If you like your current health plan, you can keep your current health plan.” – Barack Obama

How many times has our esteemed president said that, do you think? For how long has he been saying it?

Did you know that every time he’s said it in the past three years, he’s known it wasn’t true? He’s known that his signature policy would cause millions of people to lose their current health insurance. NBC News—hardly a bastion of editorial conservatism—has the investigative piece here. (Updated:  Well, that lasted about five hours. It’s been taken down now. I would dearly love to know how that happened. Try this piece now. I’m rather more confident it will last.)

All right, Obamapologists, let’s have it. How is this anything but The One systematically, intentionally, and repeatedly lying to the American people since 2010? What’s the hot, focus group-tested spin? Don’t disappoint me, fawning sycophants. Explain to me how Barack Obama is a pillar of integrity, only interested in helping the American people, whose marvelous intentions have been thwarted yet again by those bad old Republicans.

Is this just “well, that’s politics”? Oh, everyone knows politicians lie. At least he’s not Bush. Is that it?

Or the story itself must be a lie! That’s it! It’s all of those knuckle-dragging right-wingers NBC News is so well-known for, fabricating this out of whole cloth to take our president down. Shame on them. They should probably be tried for treason.

Millions are losing their coverage. Barack Obama knew they would. Since 2010, Barack Obama has known it was a lie every time he’s claimed otherwise.

I’ve said it before:  an 18-pound sledge to the face would be “change you can believe in” too, wouldn’t it?

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Oct 272013

I’m always giving my friend Carol Marks good-natured grief for reinventing herself so often with new blogs and foci. Well, in her defense, she’s settled down and begun the best blog of her career, in my view. Also I’m not entirely without guilt in this department. While I actively blog here at BoWilliams.com and at Rocket City Mom, I’ve regularly blogged at four other places in the past:

  • I did my first blogging at NewDietDewIsYucky.com (though I didn’t call it blogging at the time). PepsiCo changed the formula of Diet Mountain Dew, and this site was my effort to get them to change it back (or make the old formula concurrently available). It’s archived here. I think a lot of it is funny, though it’s hard for me to tell how it would read without the context of the time (which, obviously, I have). I last posted there in July 2006.
  • I had a good idea for a blog called Cowl Shake that would be where I published all of my automotive thoughts. I started it in March 2007, and gave up on it about a year and a half later. I had interest, and I think I designed a decent space for myself. I just didn’t have the stamina for such a narrow focus. I think I wrote some good stuff out there, though. Check it out. I last posted there in August 2008.
  • I blogged at al.com on Alabama football for the 2009 season. It was fun, and I put a lot of effort into it, but it wasn’t what it was sold to me as. I was one of 8-10 writers on the same blog. The way it sounded, all the way up until I was live, was that it would be my blog. So, it was harder to sustain my enthusiasm than I anticipated, and I don’t think al.com had much of a plan for it post-launch. It looks like it petered out just before the 2011 season. (For all I know my credentials are still good and I could go post there right now.) I last posted there in July 2010.
  • I’m proud of what I wrote for Tennessee Valley Moms Network. I also got on Rocket City Mom‘s radar there, so I’m grateful for that. I last posted there in March 2013.

So there you have them:  a few discursive ghost towns of mine.

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