Feb 142012

I am part of a nascent group called the Rocket City Bloggers.  We meet monthly for talk and good times, and we also do a monthly blog carnival, which I am hosting this month.  The theme is passion, and we have five participants:

I tend to equate passion with youth, and to some degree irrationality.  Couple such with my longstanding feelings on marital fidelity, and I had a hard time conceiving a post that didn’t get serious pretty quickly.  As usual, my blogging colleagues did very well.  Enjoy.

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  7 Responses to “Rocket City Bloggers on passion”

  1. […] love their mother.”  So when I sat down to write an article about “passion” (the topic for this month’s Rocket City Bloggers Carnival) I of course thought about my husband.  I thought about the reasons I love him, and the things […]

  2. Thanks for hosting Bo!

  3. I have to do this…

    SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!! DIsney! My favorite was the Wilderness Lodge. Your boys are at a great age.

  4. Holler if you want WDW hints. I was just there last September and it’s still fresh in the noggin.

    I like the carnival thing. I like to read things I wouldn’t otherwise find.

  5. Heather, my pleasure! Kelly, ‘seester, thanks for the tips. I had no idea planning such was so potentially daunting. (Actually I’ve gotten the message very quickly: if you don’t care how much it costs, it’s really easy. If you do, then it’s a puzzle.)

  6. Say the word if you want an opinionated brain dump re: Disney planning, otherwise I’ll keep it to myself

  7. ‘seester, I’m delighted to hear your opinion on anything. Go for it.

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