Sep 292011
  • Highs in the 70s, lows in the 40s on deck!  Woohoo!  I hereby proclaim Saturday the first soup night of the season.
  • I’ll have a Kindle Fire.  (Wow, those words on the web come back to haunt you sometimes.)  In my defense, this is not what “Kindle” meant in May 2008.
  • How’s your stress surge capacity?  I found out this week that mine isn’t as robust as I might have liked to believe.  I need to work on that.  It’s not something you can really practice, but you can definitely get your head in a better place.
  • The boys have been after me for Popeyes.  You know, I’d bet that east of the Mississippi, it’s pretty tough to be any further from one than we are at home.  I may make the trek for Sunday lunch, after church but before the race.  I doubt I can make the round-trip in an hour.
  • Nissan sent me gushing email today to let me know that the 6,500th LEAF has been delivered.  (I’m sure I’m on Nissan’s email list because of the Technical Writing Express, though I don’t remember how that happened.)  I saw one in the metal the last time we were visiting friends in Nashville.  It photographs poorly.  It’s not beautiful, but it’s not as goofy-looking as pictures of it are.
  • Well, I was confused.  Apparently Facebook hasn’t rolled out the new timeline-based profile to anyone yet, but you can get it now if you want it.
  • So I’ve been trying out my voice-to-text feature on my phone.  It works pretty well most of the time, but it prudishly puts asterisks for curse words.  (Wow, it knows some seriously nasty words, too.)
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Sep 282011

Andy Rooney will make his final regular 60 Minutes appearance this Sunday night.

And good riddance to a bitter, doddering old has-been.

I used to like Andy Rooney a lot.  My dad never made much effort to watch TV systematically—he was pretty much a “whatever’s on” guy—but he did watch 60 Minutes regularly, and everybody had to be absolutely silent for “A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney.”  Loved it.  When I was in middle school and high school, I read every book he’d written.  I still chuckle thinking about some of what he wrote about buying a car.

But he slowly wilted.  For one thing, he got obnoxiously political.  (Really, everything does not have to have such an angle, and in fact you do alienate a large chunk of your audience when you work too hard to find it.)  For another, there’s a fine line between finding a witty way to complain about something and just being a tedious jackass, and he lost all sight of said line at least a decade ago.  He was once almost avuncular in his segments.  He’d gripe, and then almost as an aside he’d soften it just enough to let you know he was an okay guy.

But at the end, he was indistinguishable from Joe Piscopo’s harshest caricatures.

Godspeed, Mr. Rooney.  Thanks for the good times, however long ago they might have been.

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Sep 272011

The winner of the Alabama-LSU game, slated for Saturday, November 5, need complete only a few victory laps—the remainder of the schedule, the SEC championship game against whatever hapless sacrifice the East sends, and the national title game against whatever sacrifice SOC sends—to add another crystal football to its case.

Or so the overwhelmingly leading narrative goes.

To be fair, it is difficult to quibble with current positive assessments of these squads.  LSU has terrific speed and size, and (at least for the moment) appears to be devoid of that trademark Milesesque erraticism.  Alabama may have its most complete team of the Saban era yet, and wow, are they hitting hard on defense.  We may in fact be headed for a game of uncommon consequence; the match of the year.

But it’s a way out there, folks.  There are things like fatigue and possible injury to consider.  And—oh yeah—those pesky other opponents between now and then.  Don’t misunderstand me.  I’m excited about it too, and I’m delighted with my Tide so far.  Let’s just enjoy it all, okay?  This is by far my favorite sports season, but it’s also by far the shortest one.  Let’s not wish it away.  Looking around:

  • Can you ever remember a deader man walkin’ in September than Houston Nutt in 2011?
  • I kind of hope Richt hangs on at Georgia, just because I like him.  It’s tough to quibble much with Bulldog fans’ complaints, though.  I think he has to win the division to keep his job.
  • Looking forward to Alabama at Florida.  I really don’t know what to make of the Gators.  That’s why they play the games!
  • It looks very much as if Auburn cannot reasonably expect to win any of its next four games.  Their defense is so bad, it’s difficult to write even a plausible upset scenario.  Consider they have not faced a high-power offense yet.
  • Is Vandy headed back to a bowl in James Franklin’s first year?  It certainly looks doable from here.
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Sep 252011

Lea and I have a liberal policy on the boys eating in the living room.  Basically, they’re allowed to.  They have a little table and stools, and they eat a good bit of the time in there.

However, we do recognize the value of sitting down as a family as well, and as this is only going to get tougher, we’re reclaiming a few more meals in the kitchen.  I have suggested that two of these per week be sit-down breakfasts, so on Wednesday and Sunday mornings, I get up and cook.

These have been basic egg-meat-bread-fruit sorts of things so far.  We all like these meals, and with a little bit of care I can even make them relatively constructive nutritionally (particularly if I plan for a very small lunch).  But I’m ultimately interested in a varied extended menu.

So I turn to you, dear reader.  My standard play is scrambled eggs; bacon or sausage; toast, waffles, or biscuits; and some fruit on the side.  To this I plan to add grits from time to time.  Every other Sunday or so we’ll have pancakes.  So what thoughts do you have to add?  Do you have breakfast traditions in your family?  Do you do anything that might sound unusual, but has become a favorite?  Please share.

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Sep 232011

It’s a cool evening, a successful deadline submission, a hilarious lunchtime conversation and walk with a friend, and the promise of an exciting day of football tomorrow.  It’s not thinking about cigarettes even once today.  It’s a house full of a healthy, beautiful family.  It’s thanks to God.  The glory is His.

And it’s not conducive to a particularly stimulating post tonight.  Sorry about that.  Have a good weekend.  Be back soon.

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