May 202011

So when it comes to sexism and accusations of same, what kind of person are you?

If I wrote something that I made clear was wholly anecdotal and based only on my observation, would you be the sort to default to “you sexist PIG!”?  Or might you consider what I wrote and whether it matched your own experience, and perhaps give me a little chuckle in case it did?

Here’s the thing.  I have absolutely no doubt that of the slobs in the world, more of them are men than women.  Might be two to one, even.

But the very worst slobs I’ve ever known—the people who were so disgusting, you wondered how they got to such a place; the people who could count on one hand the number of times they bathed in the past month; the people who might actually have mice in their cars—have invariably been women.

Is that your experience?  Or have I irrationally decided it’s true, so I pay excessive attention to observations that validate it?

I hope you have a good weekend.

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