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It was Saintseester‘s comment on Wonder Woman’s revised costume that put the term self-loathing (regarding some citizens of the United States and what they feel for their country) in ready space in my brain.

A lot of it caught my eye leading up to this Independence Day.  We’re just another world citizen, so many would have you believe.  So many truly horrible things have been perpetrated in the name of American greatness.  We’ve all been lied to in the history books.  The story of America is a story of continuous blood and shame, and thank goodness we, such an enlightened generation, are here to put things right.

(With one of their own in the White House, you know the tangible empowerment of their shame must be substantial.)

She’ll survive this latest barrage of guilt-ridden coffeehouse academic nonsense.  After all, it’s clearly one of our esteemed president’s primary goals to diminish the standing of the United States in the world.  How well is that working out, however many bows, apologies, and distortions later?  Don’t you get the sense our allies are just patiently waiting Obama out now, confident the United States will survive him?

The United States remains the greatest country the world has ever known, and remains the world at large’s greatest friend.  Her tale is not perfect.  It is, however, a story of far greater good than evil.  It is a story of liberty; of great things from small things; of empowerment of the oppressed.  It is an ongoing story of hope.

For all of America’s problems, where would you rather be?

The United States of America is exceptional.  She is mine.  I am hers.  I am proud.

Happy Independence Day.

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  11 Responses to “On her 234th birthday, the United States of America remains exceptional”

  1. How did a day celebrating our country turn into a day of slamming your president? Like it or not, he is your leader. Sounds like someone needs an attitude adjustment. This is the leader of your country. Like it or not, he deserves your respect, and your prayers. Peace.

  2. Well said, brother, well said.

    Blook: Seriously? Weak. I’ll stand back, pop some popcorn, and watch the upcoming, inevitable carnage.

  3. Blook: Hello, sunshine! Welcome! Yeah, let’s see. Ummm…

    Truly, I didn’t care for Obama’s inclusion in the post either (you know, since the post was about real American values). However, he embodies so perfectly the hand-wringing, guilt-ridden attitude the post was reacting against, and I ultimately thought he brought enough context to the post to stay in.

    That he “deserves (my) respect” may be your belief, but it is nothing more. In the first place, genuine respect is earned, not compelled. In the second, the U.S. has a president, not a king. Part of what this country was founded upon is the freedom to call an arrogant, contemptuous thug with a skull full of hard-left mush an arrogant, contemptuous thug with a skull full of hard-left mush. (You know, just, for example.)

    I do pray every day that we survive this silly, ill-considered experiment that is the Obama administration.

    Finally, the “attitude adjustment” bravado is unbecoming and a bit goofy.

    Oh, and peace!

  4. I have a pair of liberal Democrat friends, God love ’em. And I have yet to hear a rational explanation for the self-loathing that is evidenced by the left. We generally keep our political discussions civil…but recently they had one of the lefty hoopleheaded buddies over (tree hugging enviro guy too) who out of the blue made a statement:

    “Look at how self-sufficient Cuba is, for instance. They’re amazing…hopefully one day we’ll be there.”

    To which I said, “Are you fucking kidding me? That’s a joke, right?”

    Hooplehead: “No, really. Just look at how self-sustainable they are. Not like us with our consumer mentality.”

    Me: “They’ve been under a fucking trade embargo for the last 40 years….because of their evil communist dictator…that’s not self-sustaining, that’s trade sanctions.”

    I then pointed out that I have not heard many incidents where people were drowning on their makeshift floatation devices going from here to there…

    Good Lord Almighty, sometimes I swear it seems like I’m taking crazy pills.

  5. Did you see that Muslim outreach is now part of NASA’s charter?

  6. It would be funny if it weren’t so scary and nauseating.

  7. You know, the critics never ever quit hammering on Bush about anything at anytime. During that time I never ever once heard a liberal say that maybe they should quit complaining and pray for him instead. Nope. They just kept whining. Well, guess what? This president stinks and I’m not going to shut up about it until this administration is out!

  8. Allow me to make two comments to Blook: 1) Did Bo say anything about Obama that was untrue? 2) The OFFICE of the presidency deserves respect, not necessarily the individual holding the office.

    As Roy Boehm, the first-ever Navy SEAL once said to JFK, “I didn’t vote for you, sir, but I’ll die for you.”

  9. Bo, you insolent, uncaring, greedy AmeriKKKan elitist! How dare you sunshine-pump this blog on 4 JULY without mentioning the true heroes and fathers of our heritage. Men and women upon whose backs we have succeeded and prospered while they suffer and perform at our very whim. I speak of course of the oppressed men and women of the MLE – Major League Eating. While you pontificate and bluster about “proud heritage” and “greatest of all countries,” poor souls like Joey Chestnut defy physics and ingest hot dogs for AmeriKKKa’s enjoyment. Patriots like Takeru Kobayashi are imprisoned solely for their beliefs in an overabundant digestive system. I stand with blook, Sean Penn, and probably Bono in denouncing your ignorant post and will forever hate this so-called free country until we realize and recognize the true sacrifices of the gurgitators. BRAPPPPPPP!!!!

  10. Cuba is as self-sustaining as a Russian prostitute hanging out at the Kremlin.

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