Jun 302010

I spent just over 13 years on Usenet, and it was a good time.  Learned a lot.  Laughed a lot.

Most germanely to what I want to talk about in this post, my skin got really, really thick.

It’s almost impossible to genuinely offend me online.  When you’re a veteran of multiple month-long flame wars, the threshold gets way up there, you know?

My favorite high school teacher, with whom I am Facebook friends, posted a fairly conservative and unambiguously nostalgic status last night.  It concerned stuff like morning devotions and the Pledge of Allegiance in school, dig?

So one of her friends immediately responded, and rather sourly.  Well and good.  Sounded like a stereotypically bitter liberal to me, of the sort who isn’t happy unless she’s running down everyone else (or trying to do so).  They’re out there.

What I don’t get, though, is these folks who come out spitting this venom, and are then shocked when someone gives it back to them.  I think it’s mainstream delusion.  They spend enough time isolated from any contrary thought, and eventually become unable to process the idea of a thinking, reasonable person disagreeing with them.

The crash, when someone actually hits their nastiness back over the net, can be substantial.  She started babbling about diversity (?), and how rude Americans are (she’s Canadian), and sheesh, I don’t know what else.  Eventually I got a conciliatory offline message from her.  Well, okay.  All the best to you, sweetheart.

I don’t ever say anything on the Internet that I’m not ready to defend—instantly and vigorously.  Make that axiomatic, dudes and dolls.

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Jun 292010

Congressman Pete Stark had that to say at a town hall meeting this past Saturday.  Clearly, he hasn’t heard about the 3,500 acres in southern Arizona we essentially ceded to Mexico four years ago because it’s too violent.  I’m also guessing he missed Robert Krentz’s funeral.

He didn’t stop there.  His sustained ridicule of his questioners is something to behold, as well.  Folks, watch this:

It’s bad enough when a representative can’t be bothered, as Stark clearly can’t.  But to repeatedly and severely antagonize his constituents like this?  Is that what it’s come to?  Ladies and gentlemen, that video’s not a joke.  That is a representative of the American people in a service occupation, arrogantly and insolently dismissing the concerns of those for whom he ostensibly works.

Who’s got the hot blue-state Daily Kossified spin on this?  Who thinks Pete Stark’s a swell guy, and these damned gun-totin’ God-fearin’ teabaggin’ bloggers are just out to get him, is all, and probably Halliburton too?  Speak up.

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Jun 282010

Demonstrating adequate reading comprehension skills, five Supreme Court justices today ruled that the Chicago handgun ban is unconstitutional.

Here’s to a blow against the alarmingly successful radicalization of firearms.  (Suit me just fine to return to a day in which a fellow carrying a pistol would be no more unusual than him carrying a handkerchief.)

Enjoy today, but don’t rest.  They aren’t.

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Jun 272010

The White House charm offensive continues.

Joe Biden was recently in Kopp’s Frozen Custard in Glendale, Wisconsin, first mistakenly asking for ice cream.  (No word on whether he requested a “big fucking ice cream.”)

After getting his custard, he said “What do we owe you?”  The manager replied “Don’t worry; it’s on us.  Lower our taxes and we’ll call it even.”  A moment later Biden said to him “Why don’t you say something nice instead of being a smartass all the time?”

He whispered he was just kidding later, though.  So, you know, it’s cool.

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Jun 262010

I was considering this week the amount of press and attention the 2010 FIFA World Cup is getting.  I started thinking along the lines of “man, they must really have a massive and organized media machine this time, because I don’t remember anything like this last year.”

Such is the depth of my international organized soccer knowledge.  (You know, like maybe two Petri dishes deep?)  They only play the World Cup every four years, the Wikipedia article helpfully informs me.

I caught a little bit of a game on ESPN this morning.  Nathan and I stopped for about 10 minutes, and we’d each had enough.

Now I’m sure I’m just a big dumb tacky American who can’t appreciate all of the nuance and cultural importosity and what-not, but what I saw was powerfully boring.  Nathan said “Dad, is this how it is watching me?”  I said “No way. Your games are much more exciting.”

Oh, and did you know they blow those damned horns all the time?  Wouldn’t you think they would blow them only when something happens?  Ah, that’s it! They’d almost never get to blow them were that the case.

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend.  If you need a coma nap, find a World Cup game.

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