May 302010

Dennis Hopper succumbed to his prostate cancer yesterday.  He was 74.

I missed Mr. Hopper’s first career in Westerns, and I’m too young to really appreciate Easy Rider.  But in his second career, there he is in three of my favorite films (Super Mario Bros., Speed, and Waterworld, of course.)

Heh!  I kid.  No, they’re really Apocalypse Now, Blue Velvet, and True Romance.  His appearances were brief but memorable in the first and last, but it was as Frank Booth in “sleepy” little Lumberton that he really got into me.  (He’s only one of the single most disturbing characters I’ve ever experienced.)

“You have to let me play Frank!  Because I am Frank!” – Dennis Hopper to David Lynch

Goodbye to a great talent and colorful character.  RIP.

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May 292010

A newly-installed utility pole drooped at just about a perfect 45º over the road about a half-mile from our house in a pop-up thunderstorm yesterday.  We were without power for about five hours, and had no cable (which means no telephone or Internet either) for some time longer than that.

I’m proud of how we handled this as a family.  Instead of concentrating on the negative and grousing about the interruption in services, we enjoyed the glorious solitude.  We reconnected with one another.  We talked about hopes, dreams, and BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Yeah, couldn’t quite get all the way through that.

It sucked.  Everybody bitched.  I was especially cranky.  We finally got power back about 8:30, but there was still no cable, and we’d had enough together time.  So we all went to bed, which explains why we all popped right up at 6:00 this morning with nowhere to be—not even a soccer game.

Ooooh, cable’s back.  Update Facebook status stat.  Somebody turn the TV on.  Num num num.

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May 272010
  • What a wonderful, cooling, steady, relaxing rain last night.  I wish it did it like that almost all the time, with one or two rock ‘n’ roll thunderstorms per year, maybe.
  • It’s Obama’s Katrina, folks.  No way around it.  Our president sucks at almost everything.
  • I’m glad Korea’s blowing up on his watch, aren’t you?  Aren’t you filled with confidence?
  • The boys are down to about three hours left in the 2009-2010 school year as I type.  Remember that euphoria?  Is that one of the very best things that happens to you as a child?  I think it is.
  • A Facebook friend recently reminded me that country line-dancing lurked in my past.  (Must have been 1993?)  She says she remembers me doing the Cotton Eye Joe, and given my condition the evening we were out together, I shall not quibble with her account.  I do remember actually going to a free lesson to learn the Urban Cowboy.
  • A monstrous race day looms!  Indianapolis weather for Sunday still looks golden.  A little doubt is creeping into Charlotte.  However, given that we’ll be hanging with the BamaDans, I’m confident that even two rainouts would still produce a high-quality afternoon.
  • I loved Sex and the City on HBO, then was a bit blindsided by just how mediocre the film was.  I’ve had serious doubts about the sequel.  Maybe it’ll rate a Netflix?  Roger Ebert sure loved it (cough).
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