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…and I’m pretty sure it’s anthropogenic.  Heh.


Since our last action-packed episode—hacked emails and reports detailing doubts, destruction of evidence, conspiracy to sabotage peer reviews, deceitful data omission, good stuff like that on “global warming,” remember?—it seems Phil Jones, head of the climate research unit at the University of East Anglia, has resigned in disgrace.

(Maybe it was the fact that said unit actually threw away a lot of key raw data that allegedly showed the warming of the planet.)  Can you believe it?  As the referenced story says, the University of East Anglia is essentially now saying:  yeah, so that global warming thing is happening, and people did it.  We don’t have the data “proving” it anymore, so trust us.


It seems the White House had to play some defense today, which pleases me as it’s prominent acknowledgment.  Maybe the “mainstream media” will be forced to take a break from rubbing Obama’s feet and, you know, cover a major scandal.

Oh, and get this:  one of the emails quoted on the House floor was written by John Holdren, then of Harvard and now our esteemed president’s science adviser.  Tasty.  Want an ironic quote?

“We’ll restore science to its rightful place.” – Barack Obama, January 20, 2009

Finally, I loved the end of this excellent presentation:

Slice your average environment correspondent through the middle and you’re going to find a left-leaning liberal arts graduate who is utterly out of his/her depth. Their world view is being swept from underneath them and they are being shown—in ways that they do not really and have never had to understand—that the guys they thought were the goodies are in fact “at it” and that those they have spent a decade disparaging as deniers were in fact spot on.

This right-leaning liberal arts graduate is popping some popcorn and settling in.  This is awesome!

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  7 Responses to “Climategate heats up…”


  2. What is extremely compelling about this scandal is that it is quite possible that criminal charges can be brought.

  3. Senatress Boxer (ma’am) raised that possibility. She’s all atwitter that a crime has been committed–“Email-theft-gate” and what-not.

    You know, I sure don’t remember this deep and abiding concern from Boxer (ma’am) when Sarah Palin’s email was hacked and scattered to the four winds.

    (And I know you were talking about criminal charges against the “scientists” in the case and their accomplices.) Interesting too that Boxer (ma’am) hasn’t any worry about them.

    I’m optimistic that the mere fact that it’s on the floor in Congress means it’ll be a significant hobbling factor in any efforts to cripple our economy in the name of “global warming.”

  4. Barbara Boxer can worry all she wants about a crime committed in another country. Good luck prosecuting that. She’s a dork.

  5. Does this mean I don’t get a cool new “green-collar” job?

  6. BamaDan, wasn’t there some flapdoodle about “greening up” military bases in the stimulus bill? Maybe we could get in on that action. ‘Cause, you know, it’s important that our stores of fuel and explosives be environmentally friendly.

  7. Right-leaning liberal arts graduates (*ahem*) have real jobs and can therefore afford both cable AND popcorn.

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