Oct 292006

When I was old enough to understand Daylight Saving Time and its impact, I remember wondering whether everyone who was supposed to move their clocks actually would. I’m sure that even now some number of people blow it.

The whole thing seems goofy to me anymore, rather like a young child hiding his eyes and thinking it makes others unable to see him. Whether all of the energy savings/leisure arguments ever made sense is debatable, but they are surely superseded in today’s 24/7 world. Essentially we can now do whatever we want whenever we want to do it. The clock merely coordinates for us, much more than it absolutely determines. Why do we continue to unnecessarily empower it with this silly ritual?

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Oct 272006

I read it speculated earlier today (can’t find where now) that Barry Bonds and the Giants wouldn’t come to terms, and then all the other teams would lowball him so severely that he’d be forced to take an 80% pay cut or so if he wanted to continue.

Suit me just fine. He’s already got a well-deserved asterisk no matter what happens. If he’s suffering the humiliation of being paid a fifth of last year’s salary if and when #756 comes, so much the better. Further, at this point, whether he’s guilty of juicing is irrelevant to me. He’s been an arrogant ass his entire career, and thoroughly defiant and evasive to some quite reasonable questions about what he might have been putting into his body over the past several years.

Comeuppance is a beautiful thing.

Not that I really care much, as a former MLB fan. They lost me with the ’94 strike. Still something nice about seeing a jerk get his, though.

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Oct 262006

I don’t value reviews written immediately after the album’s release very highly. These things take time–at least a few months–before they reliably imprint. That said, here are some quick thoughts:

  • Initially, I’m so much more pleased with this record than I was with Gene’s recent solo effort.
  • Early favorites are “Bulletproof” and “Where Angels Dare.”
  • I’ve heard several folks make comparisons to ’80s Kiss, particularly Hot in the Shade. I don’t really hear it. The production and Paul’s songwriting have both come much too far.
  • I’ve also heard a few complaints about the length (a tad over 33 minutes). I hadn’t noticed, which tells me it’s fine.

Ask me what I really think after Christmas sometime. For now, I’ll just say it’s certainly getting a lot of iPod time.

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Oct 262006

Just received this request from my almost-5-year-old, who is now asking me to promise him. I am refusing.

My dad taught me to play chess when I was about Nathan’s age. He then proceeded to slaughter me every time we played for the next five years. I remember it upsetting me to the point of tears one evening, and I ran upstairs, as kids do. I overheard my mother ask “why don’t you let him win once in a while?” And my dad said “if I let him win, he won’t learn anything, and more importantly, he’ll know I did it.”

I finally beat him one night when I was 10. I spent the next four or five hours on the ceiling.

I don’t know that I’ll take my father’s exact approach with Nathan. I may play a little more “ok, is there a better move you could make?” than my dad did. But I do know I’ll never throw one over the board, pretending it was straight up. My dad was definitely right about that.

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Oct 252006

You guess which quote I believe that about:

“The songs are myths, panoramas, vistas, voyages – voyages to a country of lost girls and golden boys who refuse to grow up. It’s a land everybody wants to get to, a rock kingdom in which the major theme is: all revved up with no place to go.”

– Jim Steinman

“All I can say is: you can’t take this shit seriously.”

– Meat Loaf

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